Arise Solo Leveling fans! After what seems like an eternity of combating production monarchs in the dimensional crack, Aniplex has at long last released not only a new trailer for the beloved manwha’s highly anticipated anime adaptation, but also confirmed its release date.

Sung Jin-Woo

Sung Jin-woo wielding his dagger against the Architect in Solo Leveling Trailer (2024), Aniplex via Youtube

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Written by Chu-Gong and illustrated by the late Jang Sang-rak, Solo Leveling introduces audiences to a world where humanity’s survival is threatened by the sudden appearance of ‘Dungeons’, small pocket-dimensions containing a variety of magical beasts who desire nothing more than to escape their prisons and wreak havoc.

sung jin woo gate

Sung Jin-woo enters a Gate in Solo Leveling Trailer (2024), Aniplex via Youtube

Thankfully, humanity is protected by the ‘Hunters’, a class of awakened being who use their own unique abilities to protect humanity from the threats that lie within each Dungeon.

At the center of the series’ story is protagonist Sung Jin-Woo, a bumbling young man deemed the ‘Weakest Hunter’ and who only joined the Hunter cause in order to earn money to pay for his mother’s medical bills.

scared sung jin-woo

Sung Jin-woo scared of dying in Solo Leveling Trailer (2024), Aniplex via Youtube

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However, after nearly dying during an unexpected double-dungeon raid, Jin-woo unwittingly fulfills all the conditions necessary to earn the favor of the ‘System’, a mysterious program which bestows upon him the ability to apply video game-style ‘leveling up’ mechanics to his real life.

After accepting the System’s power, Jin-Woo finds himself without any upper limits, and as such re-dedicates himself to becoming the strongest Hunter in the entire world and preparing to take on the many formidable foes lying in wait inside the Dungeons.


The Architect Judging the Hunters in Solo Leveling Trailer (2024), Aniplex via Youtube

Released by Aniplex to the series’ official website on March 21st, the series’ brief premier trailer centers on Jin-Woo’s meeting with the all-powerful System before ending with both a tease of the young Hunter’s eventual ‘reawakening’.

(Notably, this debut preview comes eight months after the aforementioned Sang-rak lost his life due to complications relating to a long-term chronic illness. To that end, it’s unknown if the late artist was able to see any of the anime’s production work prior to his passing.)

Further, following Jin-Woo’s transformation, the trailer reveals that his animated journey will begin sometime in Winter 2024.

And worry not, English-language fans: Crunchyroll has confirmed they will in fact be providing same day simulcasts for Solo Leveling.

Sung Jin-Woo reflects on his journey in Solo Leveling Chapter 111 (2020), REDICE STUDIO. Illustrated by DUBU

Sung Jin-Woo reflects on his journey in Solo Leveling Chapter 111 (2020), REDICE STUDIO. Illustrated by DUBU

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