Full Moon Entertainment Launches Toy Brand Specializing In Occult Entertainment That “Taps Into The Mysteries Of The Unknown”

Doctor Mordrid (Jeffrey Combs) opens a portal in Doctor Mordrid (1992), Full Moon Entertainment

That the producer of a film series entitled “Demonic Toys” would make an actual demonic toy is no shock, but at least it’s on brand. Indie film company Full Moon Entertainment launched a toy division named Tentacula — which specializes in the design and creation of “high-end, unique gift and lifestyle items centered around mysticism, magic, and arcane entertainment.”

Blade watches as his victim loses her life in Puppet Master (1989), Full Moon Entertainment

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Their inaugural product celebrating their launch is called The Fortune Teller, described as “a metallic, beautifully designed and eerily sentient high-end entertainment device that taps into the mysteries of the unknown, the ether, the spirit plane.” If that sounds like a Magic 8-Ball, the press release begs to differ, declaring, “This is not a cheap Magic 8-ball knock-off, but a true one-of-a-kind product.”

Full Moon and Tentacula founder Charles Band talked up his product and, excited by the possibilities, explained he wants to “evolve” the “mysticism” and “fun” concept of the Magic 8-Ball and the Ouija Board. Both are controversial items in their own right, but the Ouija Board’s reputation of being cursed precedes it, and the films inspired by this.

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“I’m super excited about launching Tentacula because it gives us an opportunity to create wonderfully exclusive products that are on the fringe of our cinema-specific merchandise,” Band said. “The idea behind The Fortune Teller was to take the mysticism – and fun – of a Ouija Board or Magic 8 Ball and evolve the concept. It’s the first of many awesome and innovative products to come…”

Charles Band has been producing movies, typically in the horror or sci-fi genre, for the direct-to-video market since the 1980s. His initial banner, Empire Entertainment, popularized the cosmic horrors of HP Lovecraft tales with Re-Animator and From Beyond. In the process, Empire made the careers of genre legends Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton, who carried over to Band’s next venture.

Screenshot -Combs- Mordrid

Doctor Mordrid (Jeffrey Combs) explains a sorcerer is not a god in Doctor Mordrid (1992), Full Moon Entertainment

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He would found Full Moon Features and create the Puppet Master, Dollman, Subspecies, and aforesaid Demonic Toys film series — among other titles. Band’s Full Moon brand dabbled in the mystic arts from time to time such as in the quasi-Doctor Strange adaptation Doctor Mordrid. The film starred Combs and boasts costume designs by Jack Kirby.

Despite the “for entertainment purposes” disclaimer, The Fortune Teller’s website treats the product with careful reverence. Amazon’s listing does too, although they place it under the category of “Novelty & Gag Toys.” We aren’t urging you to tempt fate and buy it by any means, not even as a joke, but instead, urge you to be wary of it.

Screenshot -Combs- Mordrid dimension

Doctor Mordrid (Jeffrey Combs as ) enters a portal in Doctor Mordrid (1992), Full Moon Entertainment

The dangers of opening oneself up spiritually to the unknown can be serious as tapping into spirits is not fun and games when you don’t know what is waiting on the other side. Given that, The Fortune Teller looks like something that an organization or apostolate like America Needs Fatima would campaign against. To our knowledge, however, it has flown beneath their radar.

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