The Flash is ending and going away with it are the Arrowverse and The CW’s DC slate, if they don’t plan on renewing either Gotham Knights or Superman & Lois. Grant Gustin is also saying farewell to a role he inhabited for a decade. Still, unlike his series’ sister programming, he may get another crack at harnessing The Speed Force somehow.

The Flash (Grant Gustin) travels back in time to save his mother in The Flash (2015) via The CW

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He sounded open to it in a recent Us Weekly interview although he admits that he is still wrapping his head around the show coming to a close. “I can’t wrap my head around it right now, obviously,” the actor said. But he nevertheless anticipates, or readies his mindset, for potential pitches proposing a return to the DC Multiverse.

“But if someone called me today or tomorrow and was like, ‘Hey, we have this amazing Flash idea,’ obviously it’s like, I’m gonna take that phone call and listen to that idea,” he added, with the acknowledgment that he will be connected to The Fastest Man Alive for life, which is not a strange or unique outcome for an actor in the superhero genre.

Grant Gustin as The Flash in The CW’s The Flash Season 9 via The CW Network YouTube

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“And I think this is a character that I’m going to – no matter if I play it again [or not] – I’ll probably be associated with this character more than anything else in my career, for the rest of my life. So, I’ll always listen to any Flash pitch,” Gustin said. “I mean, it’s very, very close to my heart. I think it always will be.”

That may be so, but reports say his version of The Flash wasn’t close enough to the makers’ hearts of the upcoming DCEU film to put him in it, even for a cameo. This is despite Ezra Miller’s 2020 appearance in the Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover where John Wesley Shipp got to close the book on his lauded Flash portrayal.

No killing Flash

Barry (Grant Gustin) fails to save Iris (Candice Patton) from Savatar in The Flash Season 3 via The CW

Perhaps Gustin will get the same opportunity in a few years, but let us know if you’d be enticed into seeing that one day.

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