Comic book veteran Mike Baron is not letting far left activists cancel him as they tried to do following a crowdfunding campaign for his Private American book. Baron returns with artist Pat Broderick for a new supernatural western story titled Bronze Star.

Bronze Star (2023), BIG Studios

A press release describes the series as “H.P. Lovecraft meets Sergio Leone” and details the series follows a Confederate veteran named Harley Brogden who finds himself hunted by a wealthy landowner after he gunned down his son after uncovering he was cheating during a poker game.

Brogden flees to a small mining town called Cobb’s Gap where “the sheriff harbors a secret, and no one goes to the old mine anymore.” It’s here where Brogden comes face to face with the landowner’s posse and “the stage is set for a showdown with unimaginable horrors from the deepest pits of hell. And all the secrets of Cobb’s Gap are finally exposed and the reader finally learns why no one goes into the mines.”

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The sheriff’s secret is that he’s afflicted with lycanthropy and can transform into a werewolf.

The series also promises “Lovecraftian creatures, blazing guns, and spurting blood!” It also appears there will be a romantic subplot as the book “explores themes of justice, love, revenge, and the blurred lines between man and beast.”


Bronze Star (2023), BIG Studios

“One of the great joys of independently publishing comics is we can tell whatever stories we want,” said BIG Studios Publisher Chris Braly, who hyped the book.

He added, “I’m a huge fan of classic Westerns and have always gotten a kick out of werewolf movies and tales of the supernatural. Bronze Star mashes-up all those great genres and takes them to a whole new level.”

Bronze Star (2023), BIG Studios

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One of the key selling points this crowdfund campaign features is a Bronze Star signed Hardcover Artist Edition.

This Artist Edition is described as “an oversized autographed, artist edition hardcover! This special black and white edition will only be available in a limited quantity.”

It features Broderick’s “breathtaking artwork in its unretouched, uncolored form, oversized and published in full in its pencil and ink form from the original hand drawn pages including full lettering.” The Artist Edition is limited to 50 copies.

Bronze Star (2023), BIG Studios


The series is currently crowdfunding on both Kickstarter and Fund My Comic. On Kickstarter the book has already achieved its $10,000 pledge goal. In fact, it’s been backed by 168 backers to the tune of $10,176.

On Fund My Comic, the book has raised $6,761 from 103 backers and is on its way to its $10,000 goal.

Bronze Star (2023), BIG Studios

Do you plan on backing Bronze Star?

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