Marvel Comics and writer Jason Aaron wrapped up their most recent 12-issue Punisher series by killing off Frank Castle, but vigilante justice is not leaving the comic book medium any time soon as long-time Punisher writer Chuck Dixon announced his new series Black Warrant.

Punisher #12 (2023), Marvel Comics

In the 12th and final issue, Castle is captured by members of the Avengers including Doctor Strange, Wolverine, Black Widow, Moon Knight, and Captain America. He is subsequently berated by nearly all of them for the crimes he committed while leading the Hand.

However, he’s surprised when when the last person to interrogate him is his resurrected wife, Maria. Not only is he surprised by her visiting him in the cell, but she informs she was going to divorce him before she and her children were gunned down in New York City.

Punisher #12 (2023), Marvel Comics

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After Maria informs him that he had already lost his family, Castle, who had previously been depicted as a struggling Catholic, prays to the Beast to grant him one last wish.

As Captain America and the Avengers are about to inform him of his fate, Castle’s wish is seemingly granted and he removes himself from existence with Doctor Strange remarking, “I Mean the Punisher is no more.”

Punisher #12 (2023), Marvel Comics

However, the book’s epilogue shows Castle has arrived in Weirdworld and he’s taken at least four orphans under his wing and built a shelter to keep them safe.

He’s also wielding a giant axe rather than his typical repertoire of various firearms and explosives.

Punisher #12 (2023), Marvel Comics

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As Punisher is killed off or exiled to Weirdworld, Arkhaven Comics Publisher Vox Day and scribe Chuck Dixon announced a brand new series titled Black Warrant that aims to supplant the Punisher as the number one comic book vigilante.

Dixon detailed, “It’s not exactly a secret that the Punisher is my favorite character to write. For whatever reason I have an affinity for the guy and the stories came easily. But, if we’re being honest, Frank Castle was never a good fit at Marvel Comics.”

“There were always restrictions when writing about him,” Dixon explained. “Editors waved me off for ‘going too far.’”

Punisher War Journal #79 (1995), Marvel Comics

Well, he does not have to worry about the editors at Marvel anymore, “Now I’m working on Black Warrant which is in the same vigilante justice genre except the guardrails, training wheels and safety bumpers have been taken off.”

He added, “I’m allowed to take this genre in places it’s never been taken and having a blast doing it.”

Black Warrant concept art

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Publisher Vox Day went on to reveal that this new series and character is actually the start of a new superhero universe that will be published at Arkhaven Comics, “Black Warrant will be the first superhero in a brand new superhero universe from Arkhaven Comics. The first script by the Legend is complete and the illustrating process is already underway. Helix Haze, the excellent illustrator of Alt★Hero: Q, is the illustrator.”

Day added, “Black Warrant will be joined by Red Hornet, created by Vox Day, and another superhero who has been created by a third creator whose name will be very familiar to everyone here. The shared universe will not be part of the Alt★Hero universe, but will harken back to the Silver Age superheroes and will extend in time over a century from the dawn of the 20th Century to today.”

Punisher War Journal #80 (1995), Marvel Comics

Day went on to explain why he and Arkhaven decided to launch this new superhero universe, “The fact that the wheels have completely come off the Big Two and their impending mutual collapse means that the opportunity to provide a more traditional superhero universe was simply too good to pass up.”

He added, “There are also some new developments on the production front which mean that over the course of the next year, we need more content in order to utilize our expanded production capacities, both for Castalia and Arkhaven as well as various independent publishers.”

Punisher War Journal #80 (1995), Marvel Comics

Do you plan on checking out Black Warrant when it arrives from Arkhaven Comics?

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