Exposing what cameos you can expect in The Flash – CG and in the flesh alike – approaches beating a dead horse with the film already out, but we’re in good company. Andy Muschietti’s multiversal storyline in 2023 dabbles in all the trends other superhero movies incorporated when they were new and hot, so DC hit the carcass first.

Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) is tortured by The Dark Flash (Ezra Miller) in The Flash (2023), Warner Bros. Pictures

Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) is tortured by The Dark Flash (Ezra Miller) in The Flash (2023), Warner Bros. Pictures

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Anyway, noted Twitter scooper MyTimeToShineHello named everybody from DC’s cinematic past that isn’t Michael Keaton who makes an appearance. Also, for the purpose of clarity, he designated which ones show up through methods of digital chicanery – in case you who have seen the film or leaked images couldn’t tell. Some of these are obvious, others we previously spoiled.

Such is the case with Christopher Reeve’s face and Helen Slater, which are rendered with CGI on doubles when stock footage would have worked just fine. The same is true for George Reeves and Adam West, TV’s Superman and Batman of the post-War Baby Boom generation. Altogether, this might be why David Zaslav called The Flash “a wow.”

MyTimeToShineH Twitter

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MyTimeToShine confirms as well that Jeremy Irons, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Nicolas Cage, and George Clooney are all present and accounted for as we reported. Effectively, these cameos are in-jokes, and Member Berries that Warner Bros. gambled would drive people to see the film. We’ll know if their gamble paid off by Monday.

The rest of the guest stars, from Irons to Momoa, are DCEU veterans getting together for a Justice League reunion that ultimately has the prospect of being their last hurrah – no matter how much Ben Affleck still might secretly want to play Batman. The same goes for Momoa as Aquaman and Ezra Miller as Flash when you think about it.

Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) warns Barry (Ezra Miller) about the dangers of messing with the timeline in The Flash (2023), Warner Bros. Pictures

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The Snyderverse is at risk of being as dead as the Arrowverse by the end of the year, and like the former, there are some things propped up by The CW in the last Muschietti holds onto for a reference. No, he didn’t allow Grant Gustin a cameo – which would make too much sense – but instead had another idea (or followed ulterior orders).

Sources confirm actor Teddy Sears stood in Gustin’s place as the visage of the Golden Age Flash Jay Garrick. If Sears’ name sounds vaguely familiar, especially in relation to Garrick, it’s because he played Season 2 villain Zoom posing as the OG to get close to Barry Allen and his loved ones. Meanwhile, he had the real Garrick locked in a cage.

Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) says good-bye to his mother Nora (Maribel Verdú) in The Flash (2023), Warner Bros. Discovery

Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) says goodbye to his mother Nora (Maribel Verdú) in The Flash (2023), Warner Bros. Discovery

The genuine article was portrayed by John Wesley Shipp in one turn among a handful the actor had on the show. Shipp played Barry’s dad and reprised his Flash from the 1990 TV series for a sendoff during the Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover. That last appearance was a fitting end, but a cameo in the new movie wouldn’t have hurt.

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