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October 2, 2023
A scooper with anonymous sources reaffirms Gal Gadot’s comments about the potential for her to stay as Wonder Woman in the DCU.
The 616 clashes with the 1610 on Jim Cheung's cover to Secret Wars Vol. 1 #1 "The End Times" (2015), Marvel Comics
September 29, 2023
A new rumor suggests that the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it will soon be replaced by something ‘All-New’ and ‘All-Different’.
Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) lets her emotions get the best of her in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Season 1 Episode 8 "Ribbit and Rip It" (2022), Marvel Entertainment
August 30, 2023
Against their better judgement, Marvel has supposedly green-lit a second season of their ‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ Disney Plus series.
Barbie (Margot Robbie) is arrested in Los Angeles n in Barbie (2023), Warner Bros. Pictures
August 24, 2023
Margot Robbie’s break from the DCU might not last as rumors swirl she will reprise Harley Quinn at some point.
Nova rockets forth on Daniel Acuna's cover to Nova Vol. 4 #27 "Shock and Awe" (2009), Marvel Comics
August 11, 2023
A new rumor suggests that Marvel’s previously announced ‘Nova’ Disney Plus series has been indefinitely grounded.
July 18, 2023
A new rumor for The Walt Disney Company’s live-action Snow White film, written by Barbie director and writer Greta Gerwig, claims the company has completely replaced the dwarfs with bandits.
June 17, 2023
Spoiled cameos in The Flash are further spoiled by Twitter including an appearance by The CW villain actor Teddy Sears.
December 20, 2022
A new rumor claims that new DC Studios heads Peter Safran and James Gunn continues to shake up the hierarchy of power as it claims Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will follow Henry Cavill and hang up the cape of Black Adam.