Although we know very little about what Matt Reeves has in store for us in The Batman – Part II except to continue the story, rumors are running wild as to who he’s setting up to be the villain. The latest speculation indicates he may take a page out of Christopher Nolan’s playbook for sequels and anoint Two-Face as the next foe to beat.

Harvey Dent/ Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones) talks about luck in Batman Forever (1995), Warner Bros. Pictures

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What’s more, Reeves may have narrowed down his top choices for Harvey Dent. According to John Rocha of The Hot Mic podcast, the next man to play Big Bad Harvey Two-Face might be either Josh Hartnett or Joel Edgerton. Rocha’s co-host Jeff Sneider hadn’t heard anything about this from his sources so he is skeptical but it’s out there now.

These choices are very intriguing in their own right, as both have ties to the role of the Dark Knight. As a favored choice of the director, Hartnett was a heartbeat away from playing Bruce Wayne in Nolan’s trilogy. He passed to leave his stamp on comic book cinema in Sin City and 30 Days of Night before taking on smaller, less visible projects.

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Whereas this could be an opportunity for redemption for Hartnett, Edgerton may see a chance to take on a deeply challenging role to increase his growing profile within the genre of major IPs like Star Wars. He has already worked with Christian Bale in Exodus: Gods and Kings as well, so inheriting Two-Face isn’t beyond the pale with that connection.

As is the case with Dent, things might boil down to chance. We have heard rumors over the last couple of years that Reeves may have considered Hush and Two-Face as villains for his sequels. It was also alleged that Dent would be introduced in Part II and become his dual personality in Part III.

Harvey “Two-Face” Dent determines the luck of Detective Michael Wuertz (Ron Dean) in The Dark Knight (2008), Warner Bros. Pictures

These rumors are not confirmed but, given Reeves and DC’s affinity for Long Halloween, they might come true. Harvey started that miniseries as a mild-mannered attorney but didn’t finish with his face or his sanity intact.

Adding the returns of Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman, and Barry Keoghan’s Joker makes the circle complete.

Batman (Robert Pattinson) finds out what the Riddler’s (Paul Dano) real plan was in The Batman (2022) via Warner Bros. Pictures

The Batman – Part II is scheduled for an October 2025 release.

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