The MonsterVerse is growing and probably hasn’t even begun to peak. The surprisingly under-promoted Skull Island anime starring Kong debuted on Netflix last month and, aside from the next film installment Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, another series is on the way. Reportedly featuring Godzilla, the Apple TV+ series is one we know very little about


Skulls of Godzilla and Kong in the teaser for Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

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Other than the fact it stars father and son Kurt and Wyatt Russell as agents of Monarch, potentially, and that the show delves deeper into the organization’s past, the plot, title, and other key details are mysteries. However, the tide of secrecy is turning a tiny bit through new and spoiler-free information arising from social media.

Film journo K-D-M (@KDM_Monsters on Twitter) is sharing some of what they know, but carefully, so as to not ruin the anticipation. That isn’t to say their followers don’t want to know the nitty-gritty – quite the opposite, in fact. K-D-M has standards that are made clear in the post below pleading for understanding from fans.

“Guys, seriously. Stop sending messages. I don’t / won‘t spoil monsters, huge plot parts, or other info I have. I drop some hints here and there, sure. That’s all. I‘m not a leaker. Don‘t expect any leaks here. Please accept that. Thanks and thanks for supporting KDM,” the account tweeted back in February. To this day, they keep playing safe.

KDM_Monsters Twitter

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In a more recent post, we are treated to several heads-ups regarding expectations for the Monarch series. K-D-M notes we will see “New and old titans and monsters…” which offers further hints that Godzilla and maybe a few other Toho kaiju will figure into things. The scoop then mentions “another important timeline” which could mean anything.

KDM_Monsters Twitter

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Whatever it is, the new timeline comes with extra places also old and new. The author says viewers shall be reacquainted with “A new place (never talked about before in the films) and another important (well known) place…” and the possibilities of what this could mean are endless. There might be a deep-cut treat for longtime G-Fans lying in wait.

We don’t know and we’re only tapping the tip of the iceberg. Added to the list of surprises is a “great cameo” by one of the MV’s human cast members which, again, ushers in numerous possibilities. This includes most of the characters appearing in the first three MV films. Well, all except one – and he’s not even dead.

Godzilla vs. Kong (2021), Warner Bros. Pictures

When asked in the post’s thread if the cameo was Army Lieutenant Ford Brody played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, K-D-M said “No” very simply. Some fans will surely be bummed to hear that as many of us have wondered what Brody and his family have been up to since the destruction of San Francisco; but unfortunately, their lingering plot thread will go unexplored for now.

San Fran will play a huge role, though, as the series memorializes the city’s last day as G-Day. This is only one of a horde of potential callbacks according to the source.

The series is “a direct continuation” that “VERY MUCH” connects to the 2014 film. K-D-M indicates you could almost consider the show a sequel that would fit right in at theaters.

Godzilla and Kong duke it out in Godzilla vs. Kong (2021), Warner Bros. Pictures

“Don’t rate individual episodes. View it as one long film, with a classic introduction, middle and finale. Something HUGE is coming,” explains the post.

We don’t know what the “HUGE” thing is or the continuation’s title for that matter. The best guess is Monarch: Legacy of Monsters if not “Hourglass” or “Godzilla and the Titans.” WETA is finishing visual FX; but the premiere date’s TBA.

KDM_Monsters Twitter

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