Superman: Legacy isn’t slated for a release until two years from now, but the production is garnering a lot of attention — largely due to the casting announcements that grew to unexpected proportions. Everybody knew the casting news of Superman and Lois was coming, but nobody predicted a new Hawkgirl, Mr. Terrific, and Guy Gardner would be in an ensemble movie.

Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) watches as the Superman monument is defaced in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), Warner Bros. Pictures

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Including Lex Luthor, more casting news are anticipated — although it’s not clear how all the pieces will fit together. Director James Gunn’s script has been locked in for about a year with few murmurs illuminating its contents. That peace and quiet are experiencing some turnaround, however, as a new leak has surfaced with claims echoing a rather familiar premise.

Syl Abdul, a noted scooper and YouTube personality, is telling his viewers what he has heard, and it does not involve origins or workplaces. As previously reported, Gunn’s Superman will operate in an up-and-running DC universe that is lived-in and teeming with heroes and metahumans working together. They try anyway in the name of peace and justice.

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That doesn’t mean they all get along or share the same view on means and ends. According to Abdul, there is some kind of Middle East conflict in the story of Legacy that has every crusader’s attention including Superman. Fighting for the right solution to the crisis puts him at odds with other heroes who want to deal with it their way.

Hawkgirl, Terrific, and Guy are likely among those characters on the side somewhat opposing Superman, though that aspect is not clear. What Abdul can pin down to a degree is they don’t make up a Justice League (or Society), which allegedly doesn’t exist yet. Instead, some unnamed substitute team, which Abdul “refers to a pseudo-JL team that predates Superman” is operating in the League’s place at this stage.

Justice League Volume 4 Issue #3 The Totality, Part 3 (2018). Words by Scott Snyder. Art by Jorge Jiménez. Variant cover by Jim Lee.

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Likewise, the Mid-east location is not specified so it could easily be Kahndaq, but we won’t press our luck with that guess. Gunn would risk rehashing facets of Black Adam for that to be the case ,as well as put himself in an awkward position when the studio is desperately moving on from the abrupt and unceremonious yeeting of Henry Cavill.

Revisiting reminders of his last appearance so soon would defeat the purpose of rebooting in the face of miffed DCEU supporters that aren’t getting Man of Steel 2. Some of them could take it as rubbing salt in the wound or worse, as a sign Gunn is deliberately giving them — his detractors — the middle finger. Simply put, it’d be bad optics.

Superman (Henry Cavill) introduces himself to Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson) in Black Adam (2022), Warner Bros. Pictures

That’s assuming Gunn cares what they think, naturally.

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