A new rumor claims that a Latino actor will play Galactus in the upcoming Marvel Studios Fantastic Four film.

Galactus in Supervillain Classics Vol. 1 (1983), Marvel Comics

This latest rumor comes courtesy of scooper Jeff Sneider during an appearance on The Hot Mic show on the John Rocha YouTube channel.

Sneider stated, “The main villain is Galactus and I’m told that Galactus will be Latino.”


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Not only did Sneider claim that a Latino actor will play Galactus, but he posited that Vanessa Kirby had locked up the role of Sue Storm and that the character will be the lead of the film.

He said, “I have seen enough. We are calling it here at The Hot Mic. Vanessa Kirby is cast as Sue Storm.” When asked by Rocha if Kirby will indeed be Storm, Sneider affirmed, “That is what I’m hearing from sources.” He later added, “I’ve talked to folks and it sounds like Vanessa Kirby.”

While promoting Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, Kirby addressed previous rumors she would take on the role telling ComicBook.com, “I can say it would be an honor.”

Sneider went on to claim that his sources are telling him that Jack Quaid will play Johnny Storm, “For Johnny Storm it sounds like it is going to be the popular fan cast Jack Quaid.” However, he said he wasn’t fully positive about it noting he was only 80-85% positive. A little bit later on, Sneider revealed a source contacted him and said Quaid would not be playing Johnny Storm.

Shortly after the original rumor about Quaid playing Johnny Storm began making the rounds on social media, Jack Quaid responded and said he was not playing Johnny Storm.

He tweeted, “Hello everyone. Nope. Not playing Johnny Storm but hey I’m flattered.” He then attempted to use his denial of the rumor to get his followers to donate to SAG-AFTRA.

Jack Quaid Twitter

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As for Reed Richards, Sneider does not believe that Matt Smith will play the character. He explained, “The big rumor has been about Matt Smith as Reed Richards. Here’s what I’ll say about that. I don’t think that’s happening. I think that they did talk to him. The report that came out was that he did get an offer ahead of the strike or whatever it was.

“And on last week’s show we sort of said that Adam Driver wasn’t interested in the script they had presented him. But again, you know, there’s going to be another script that comes in from Josh Friedman. So do I think that they could go back to Adam Driver? Yes. Do we think that they could even go back to Matt Smith, potentially? Yes. But as of right now, I think Reed Richards is an open role. I don’t think that they have their Reed Richards,” he added.

Fantastic Four #5 (1961), Marvel Comics

Sneider also detailed that they were looking for an overweight white guy to play The Thing. He specifically said that Paul Walker Houser will not play the role.

He also shared that he does not believe that Ebon Moss-Bachrach will play the character. However, he thinks Moss-Bachrach will have a role in the movie and shared his own personal theory that he could play Silver Surfer.

Galactus in Supervillain Classics Vol. 1 (1983), Marvel Comics

What do you make of these Fantastic Four rumors and Quaid’s near immediate rejection of it?

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