‘My Adventures With Superman’ Creator Jake Wyatt Doubles Down On Series Art Direction, Says “Heavily Redesigned” Characters Are Yet To Be Introduced

Mr. Mxyzptlk (David Errigo Jr.) in My Adventures with Superman Season 1 Episode 7 "Kiss Kiss Fall in Portal" (2023), Warner Bros. Animation

As DC’s anime inspired romcom My Adventures with Superman faces backlash over its creative decisions, series creator Jake Wyatt confirmed more “heavily redesigned” characters are on the way.


Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen confront Mxyzptlk, Livewire, Deathstroke, Parasite, and Amanda Waller in My Adventures with Superman Opening Theme Song (2023), Warner Bros. Animation

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My Adventures with Superman has already faced fan backlash due to its radical changes including the titular character’s separate physical costume change being replaced with a magical girl transformation, its bishonen depiction of Deathstroke, as well as the masculinized and race-swapped villainess Livewire.

Superman (Jack Quaid) gets an emergency phone call in My Adventures with Superman Season 1 Episode 2 “My Interview with Superman” (2023), DC Animation

Similar to Deathstroke and Livewire, fans were furious of the creative decision to completely overhaul the DCU’s Gaelic magical murderous voluptuous Siobhan McDougal, otherwise known as Silver Banshee.

Making her debut in Action Comics #595, Silver Banshee was created by John Bryne in December of 1987.  After an attempt to perform her Gaelic clan’s ritual backfires, McDougal is dragged into the netherworld by the same supernatural forces she summoned where she encounters the entity Crone.

silver banshee

Silver Banshee (Catherine Taber) in My Adventures with Superman Season 1 Episode 3 “My Interview with Superman” (2023), Warner Bros. Animation

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In exchange for her late father’s missing occult book, Crone transforms Siobhan into Silver Banshee, granting her the abilities of super strength, endurance, as well as her signature deadly death stare, hyper-sonic screams and wails. In the newest iteration of the character, as seen in My Adventures of Superman, the once nearly invincible Gaelic magical monster of the has been reduced to a blue haired metahuman who depends on a sound amplifying helmet to use her toned down sonic abilities.

In addition to removing the fantastical elements of her backstory, My Adventures with Superman replaces quest to find her father’s missing book to making Intergang — a group she was never a part of in the comics — Metropolis’ most respected gang.

silver banshee mist

Silver Banshee (Catherine Taber) robbing a bank with Mist (Lucas Gabreel) in My Adventures with Superman Season 1 Episode 3 “My Interview with Superman” (2023), Warner Bros. Animation

Another character that drew the ire of fans on social media was Raymond Maxwell Jensen, who was created by Jim Shooter and made his comic book debut in 1966’s Action Comics #340. Jensen became Parasite after opening a storage container full of radioactive space wastes, which mutated him into a purple energy vampire that can absorb the life force of his victims with one touch including their memories and abilities.

Unlike Parasite’s mutated counterpart, My Adventures of Superman introduces an original character called Anthony Ivo, who is equipped with the Parasite Exo suit. Created with the help of assistant Lex — who fans speculate is Earth-12’s Lex Luthor — the suit can only be effective against Superman if it is connected to a specific electrical grid.


Parasite (Jake Green) introducing his Parasite Exo suit to investors in My Adventures with Superman Season 1 Episode 4 “Let’s Go to Ivo Tower, You Say” (2023), Warner Bros. Animation

As of this writing, the latest My Adventures with Superman‘s redesign to face backlash is the mischievous fan favorite Mr. Mxyzptlk who some fans have compared the balding divine Imp from the 5th Dimension voiced by the late Gilbert Gottfried in Superman: The Animated Series to anime characters such as the angels and Supreme Kais from the Dragon Ball series.

Despite DC’s latest animated endeavor facing massive backlash over the character’s radical changes, Wyatt confessed that fans can expect the creators to take even more liberties going forward.

Mr. Mxyzptlk

Mr. Mxyzptlk (David Errigo Jr.) in My Adventures with Superman Season 1 Episode 7 “Kiss Kiss Fall in Portal” (2023), Warner Bros. Animation

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“Everything in the DC universe that gets built out in the show flows out from Superman. Krypton had some kind of contact with Earth and they left Clark here So all of our villains emerge out of that event,” Wyatt told The Direct.

He added, “Because this is a show about Clark, Lois, and Jimmy figuring out who they are, our best villains always challenge their conception of who they are.”

“That’s really the journey, and I don’t want to give too much away but there are familiar faces that are pretty heavily redesigned,” Wyatt concluded.

Mr. Mxyzptlk chaos

Mr. Mxyzptlk (David Errigo Jr.) in My Adventures with Superman Season 1 Episode 7 “Kiss Kiss Fall in Portal” (2023), Warner Bros. Animation

These creative liberties taken by the showrunners did not go unnoticed by fans, who rushed to social media to air their grievances with the bold changes My Adventures of Superman has made to some of these iconic comic book characters.

“B—h My Adventures With Superman didn’t really just Vultronify Silver Banshee,” @unc4nny_xmn tweeted making allusion to Netflix’s Voltron reboot.


@unc4nny_xmn Twitter

Sharing images comparing the villainess’ comic book design from the cover of Supergirl Vol. 4 issue #11 “Sound and Fury” to her tech-based counterpart in My Adventures in Superman, frustrated user @MoonstarGarth declared, “This show is starting to piss me off! Is that seriously supposed to be Silver Banshee . I’m going to throw up.”
silver banshee

@MoonstarGarth Twitter

“My one complaint about My Adventures With Superman is the costume choice of some of the villains,” @MakeMineAmalgam acknowledged. “The show is animated. The sky’s the limit.”

Sharing images of Odessa Rae and Italia Ricci’s live action portrayals of Silver Banshee — from Smallville Season 9 episode 9 “Escape” and  Supergirl Season 1 episode 17 “Manhunter,” respectively — the user further noted, “I’d say Silver Banshee looked like something out of The CW. But here’s Silver Banshee on The CW.”

silver banshee

@MakeMineAmalgam Twitter

“I honestly don’t get it,” admitted @DeeCeeGrayson after warning about spoilers from episode 4 of My Adventures with Superman. “Why did they turn Dr. Ivo into tech-based Parasite when they could’ve just used Amazo, his creation who is already a tech-based villain and has the ability to steal powers. I’m guessing they combined them?!”


@DeeCeeGrayson Twitter

Alongside a clip of Dr. Ivo’s Parasite exo-armor demonstration, @buggy_con demanded, “Could you f—kers stop making everyone TECH BASED!? It’s Parasite! Not a f—king Exo Suit!  How much of a tech hard on do you guys have!?”


@buggy_con Twitter

“That armor is supposed to be Parasite?,” @NBYomi questioned, adding, “AN IRON-MAN KNOCK OFF?!”

parasite 2

@NBYomi Twitter

“Yeah. That ain’t him,” @LiquidBoss4 asserted. “Making stuff look like anime won’t make it better or bring in viewers. If anything the more hardcore anime fans will take an immediate disliking to it.”

Mxyzptlk 2

@LiquidBoss4 Twitter

Including images of Dragon Ball Super to point out Mr. Mxyzptlk’s radical redesign, @BlackbeardMJ mocked, “Why’d they design him to look like a knock-off of the Angels, the Grand Priest and the Kai’s from Dragon Ball Super all mixed together?”


@BlackbeardMJ Twitter

Retweeting DC’s tweet promoting Mr. Mxyzptlk’s new design, @Zentreonthehero also shared images of the various Supreme Kais from Dragon Ball Super, noting, “What in the dragonball supreme kai.”

Mxyzptlk 3

@Zentreonthehero Twitter

In a follow-up tweet, the user added, “If you didn’t tell me that was Mr. Mxyzptlk, I would assume this was a dragonball super OC fanart.”

Mr. Mxyzptlk

@Zentreonthehero Twitter

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