Richard C. Meyer, the creator of Jawbreakers, Closer to Heaven, and Splatto Comics, recently observed that Marvel and DC Comics are “the comic book equivalent of a gay bar.”

Closer to Heaven (2023), Splatto Comics

In a recent video upload, Meyer detailed how he attempted to read DC Comics’ Hawkgirl #2, but was unable to finish it because he assumed “Hawkgirl is probably gonna be gay or trans or non-binary. The writer’s trans and everyone in the book is gay. Everyone’s gay. Like every single character is gay.”

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After sharing this experience, Meyer shared a discussion he had with a friend, “I was talking to a friend and he’s like, ‘Okay, once you see the writer, Jadzia Axelrod…’ But he said complaining about every character in Hawkgirl being gay is like going into a gay bar and complaining about all of the gay people.

“And I was like, ‘Yeah, DC, Marvel, they are the comic book equivalent of a gay bar. If you go there on purpose you don’t really have anything to complain about,” he stated.

A little later on, he added, “Like, what am I supposed to say? ‘Hey, there’s gay people at the gay bar!’ ‘Hey, the female character written by Jadzia Axelrod is no longer interested in men and all of her peers are gay and all gay relationships are presented as idyllic.'”

Hawkgirl #2 (2023), DC

While it’s hard to dispute Meyer’s observation that DC and Marvel have indeed become the comic book equivalent of gay bars given all of the characters they have not only newly introduced as intrinsically disordered, but have turned into Sodomites as well, there is still plenty to complain about given there is a clear agenda as to why they are turning all these characters into Sodomites.

That agenda is they simply want to groom readers to accepting these sinful lifestyles, they want to normalize this behavior, and at the end of the day they want to lead people away from Jesus Christ.

This is wrong and it should be rebuked because we should love (to will the good of another) our fellow man and encourage them to follow what is right, just, and true rather than what is “intrinsically disordered,” “contrary to natural law,” and leads them to commit “acts of grave depravity.”

Deus Vult (2021), Rislandia Books

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And if you don’t believe this is an agenda, one need only look at the San Francisco Gay Men’s choir who released a song making it abundantly clear their primary goal was to groom children into these immoral lifestyles.

The lyrics of the song state, “You think that we’ll corrupt your kids if our agenda goes unchecked. Funny, just this once, you’re correct. We’ll convert your children. Happens bit by bit. Quietly and subtly. And you will barely notice it.”

They continue, “You can keep them from disco. Warn about San Francisco. Make ’em wear pleated pants. We don’t care. We’ll convert your children. We’ll make them tolerant and fair … The gay agenda is coming home.”

Grendel vs. The Shadow #1 (2014), Dark Horse Comics

You also have comments from former Disney executive Bob Chapek when he initially said the company would not get involved in the political and moral fight over a bill in Florida that banned the teaching of gender identity and sexual orientation in kindergarten through third grade classrooms.

Chapek said, “Because this struggle is much bigger than any one bill in any one state, I believe the best way for our company to bring about lasting change is through the inspiring content we produce, the welcoming culture we create, and the diverse community organizations we support.

There’s a reason content is at the top of this list,” he continued. “For nearly a century, our company’s stories have opened minds, inspired dreams, shown the world both as it is and how we wish it could be, and now more than ever before, represent the incredible diversity of our society. We are telling important stories, raising voices, and I believe, changing hearts and minds.”

Bob Chapek at The Walt Disney Company's Investor Day 2020

Bob Chapek at The Walt Disney Company’s Investor Day 2020

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Chapek later elaborated, “I firmly believe that our ability to tell such stories-and have them received with open eyes, ears, and hearts -would be diminished if our company were to become a political football in any debate.”

“Powerful content that changes hearts and minds only springs from inclusive cultures, which not only attract and retain the best and most diverse talent, but also give those employees the freedom to bring forth ideas that reflect their lives and experiences. We must work together to ensure Disney always remains such a place,” he asserted.

Producer Kevin Feige and Bob Chapek attend the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness World Premiere at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, CA on Monday, May 2, 2022. (photo: Alex J. Berliner/ABImages)

Producer Kevin Feige and Bob Chapek attend the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness World Premiere at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, CA on Monday, May 2, 2022.
(photo: Alex J. Berliner/ABImages)

Shortly after these remarks, Disney Executive Producer for Disney Television Animation Latoya Raveneau revealed during a Reimagine Tomorrow conference, “In my little pocket of Proud Family Disney TVA, the showrunners were super welcoming . Meredith Roberts and our leadership over there has been so welcoming to my not-at-all-secret gay agenda.”

She added, “Maybe it was that way in the past, but I guess something must have happened in the last, they are turning it around, they’re going hard, and then like all that momentum that I felt, that sense of ‘I don’t have to be afraid to have these two characters kiss in the background.’ I was just, wherever I could, just basically adding queerness. If you see anything queer in the show — no one would stop me, and no one was trying to stop me.”

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Meyer gets it right that DC and Marvel have clearly become a gay bar, but they have no intention of just remaining a gay bar. They want to take over the entire city, and they have made it very clear what those plans are.

So people should complain, and they have every right to. But they shouldn’t just complain, they should actively stop supporting these companies and this agenda. What DC and Marvel are doing is heinous and evil.

Instead, they should find other forms of entertainment that do not try and pollute the mind.

Deus Vult (2021), Rislandia Books

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