‘Naruto’ Four-Part Anime Special Hit With Indefinite Delay, Studio Pierrot Using Extra Time “To Further Raise Its Quality”

Naruto (Junko Takeuchi) embraces his Nine-Tailed Fox form in 完全新作PV “ROAD OF NARUTO” | アニメ『NARUTO-ナルト-』20周年記念 | studioぴえろ【公式】 (2023), Studio Pierrot
Naruto (Junko Takeuchi) embraces his Nine-Tailed Fox form in 完全新作PV “ROAD OF NARUTO” | アニメ『NARUTO-ナルト-』20周年記念 | studioぴえろ【公式】 (2023), Studio Pierrot

Unfortunately for fans who were hoping to see the ‘Big Three’ airing simultaneously for the first time in 11 years, Studio Pierrot has sadly announced that they will be delaying their upcoming four-part Naruto anime special in order to “raise its quality.”

Naruto 20th anniversary

Naruto 20th Anniversary Visual Series #1 (2022), Pierrot

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Studio Pierrot notified fans of their decision to delay the younger Naruto’s return to television in a blog post published to the series’ official website on August 29th.

“The broadcast of the new, 4-week animation celebrating the NARUTO anime’s 20th anniversary has been postponed from its scheduled air date of September 3rd, 2023,” confirmed the studio.

naruto #2

Naruto 20th Anniversary Visual Series #2 (2022), Pierrot

As for the reason behind this delay, Studio Pierrot informed fans, “As this project is both a celebration of the anime series’ 20th anniversary and the first NARUTO anime since NARUTO: Shippuden ended over six years ago, we have decided to take extra time as we strive to further raise its quality.”

“We deeply apologize to all the fans who were looking forward to the anime,” they continued.

Though they were unable to provide an updated release date for the Naruto specials, Studio Pierrot did inform fans that “A revised broadcast schedule will be announced on our official site and social media once it is finalized.”

naruto #3

Naruto 20th Anniversary Visual Series #3 (2022), Pierrot via Official Website

In their place, the animation house confirmed that ” A selection of BORUTO: Naruto Next Generations episodes featuring the best of that series will air in the time slot previously scheduled for the new anime.”

“We sincerely appreciate your understanding as we make every effort to create an anime that lives up to everyone’s expectations,” the studio ultimately concluded.

Naruto/Boruto visual

Naruto 20th Anniversary Visual Series #4 “Inheritance to the Future” (2022), Studio Pierrot via Twitter

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In a further blow to series’ fans, this delay announcement came just a day after Weekly Shonen Jump revealed the first official details regarding the specials’ plot.

Per a scan of the magazine’s September 3rd issue shared and translated by Twitter user @Abdul_S17, the specials will see the series’ famous Team 7 reunite to take on “a new mission.”

“In Kakashi’s absence, Team 7 embarks on a mission,” teased the WSJ splash page. “Surprisingly, Naruto is the temporary team captain!?”


@Abdul_S17 Twitter

As of writing, both Studio Pierrot and Viz Media have yet to detail any English-language release plans for Naruto‘s four-episode revival.

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