Twitch personality Hasan Piker recently insinuated he wanted to lobotomize Az from HeelvsBabyface for criticizing Bethesda’s inclusion of “current day” gender identity politics in their sci-fi game Starfield.

Hasan Piker at Politicon 2018. Photo credit: mo1567, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

In a clip from one of his many livestreams playing Starfield in early access, Az stated, “Bethesda, there is nothing I love more than to sit down, comfy chair, turn on my PC, fire up a brand new RPG, lose myself, think ‘Oh my God!’, just think of this world, just think of all the planets I can visit, all the immersive things that I can get involved with, all the fights, all the relationships, all the people I meet, all the places I go. I’m so excited to go there.”

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He continued, “And do you know? I love nothing more – with all of that laid out in front of me – I love nothing more than to be dragged out at every f***ing conceivable opportunity so you can f***ing current day us.”

He then mocked, “‘Sorry, did you want to get immersed in our world? Well, then guess what? F***ing pronouns! F***ing gender ambiguity! F***ing current day Californian shit! Because that’s all we f***ing know! Because we’re boring! We’re so f***ing boring!'”

Starfield (2023), Bethesda Game Studios

He didn’t stop there, “‘We can’t see past our own f***ing reflection! That’s the level of our narcissism here. – Bethesda, Western game company.

“‘F**k your immersion. F**k you having a good time. F**k you falling into a world and just getting lost. No, no, no. Current f***ing day,'” Az added.

Starfield (2023), Bethesda Game Studios

He then directly addressed the company, “F**k off. You’re boring. You’re f***ing dull. You have nothing to say. You are a one hived mind t**twaffle. That’s all you f***ing are.”

“And you wonder why people are getting so f***ing sick and tired? You take everything we love, all our immersions, all our fantasies, all our escapism, and you just can’t help shovel your dogshit f***ing crap ideology into everything, every single, solitary, f***ing thing,” he concluded.

Starfield (2023), Bethesda Game Studios

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In response to this rant, Piker posted to X writing, “this weird british guy losing his mind over selecting pronouns in Starfield is the perfect demonstration for why we must bring back lobotomies.”

Hasan Piker on X

In a follow-up, Piker disingenuously wrote, “bro should be mad that the menu/maps/ui is confusing, the game is not optimized well for pcs or that the main quest is kind of dull in comparison to the side adventures- but he’s mad about pronouns he had to choose like in every single game where there’s a character creator.”

Hasan Piker on X

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This is simply not true as most games made before “current day” had players, if given the option, choose between male and female sex. They did not have players pick how other characters would refer to them with pronouns.

There would also not be an option for “they/them” as HeelvsBabyface showcased in his first livestream of the game.

Nevertheless, Piker is clearly captured by the current day gender identity politics, which Az is vociferously condemning for being included in Starfield.

As I’ve pointed out numerous times here at Bounding Into Comics this embrace of pronoun or transgender ideology is wrong. Bishop Michael Burbidge of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington explains, “Those asserting a transgender identity and/or seeking to “transition” often adopt new names and pronouns that reflect their desired identity and insist that others must use the chosen names and pronouns. Such use might seem innocuous and even appear to be an innocent way of signaling love and acceptance of a person. In reality, however, it presents a profound crisis: We can never say something contrary to what we know to be true. To use names and pronouns that contradict the person’s God-given identity is to speak falsely.”

Bishop Michael Burbidge via Catholic Diocese of Arlington YouTube

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Bishop Burbidge adds, “The faithful should avoid using “gender-affirming” terms or pronouns that convey approval of or reinforce the person’s rejection of the truth. It is not harsh or judgmental to decline to use such language. In the broader culture, Catholics may experience significant pressure to adopt culturally-approved terminology. However, in no circumstances should anyone be compelled to use language contrary to the truth. The right to speak the truth inheres in the human person and cannot be taken away by any human institution. Attempts by the state, corporations, or employers to compel such language, particularly by threats of legal action or job loss, are unjust.

He then emphasizes, “We must love in the truth, and truth must be accurately conveyed by our words. At the same time, clarity must always be at the service of charity, as part of a broader desire to move people towards the fulness of the truth.”

Hadrian, a female character is revealed to be a clone of a male character in Starfield (2023), Bethesda Game Studios

It’s not just Bishop Burbidge, Archbishop Sample of the Archdiocese of Portland, Oregon also states, “To some, supporting aspects of social transition may seem benign, even humane, such as using someone’s preferred pronouns and actively affirming his or her perceived gender. However, while well-intentioned, this kind of endorsement may help shepherd a young person on a path of unnecessary medicalization.”

He elaborates, “Social transition is often the first step toward hormones and surgery. A 2020 survey of transgender and nonbinary youth found that 64% of respondents were either already receiving cross-sex hormones or desired to do so. Danish researchers who first used puberty blockers n gender dysphoric children found that social transition increased the likelihood that dysphoria would persist and result in medicalization.”

Furthermore, Bishop Samples states, “Social transition can also include practices such as breast-binding and genital tucking, both of which have been shown to have adverse effects on physical health, like testicular torsion and reduced fertility in males, and abnormal lung function and back pain in females. Moreover, a 2020 study on the effects of social transition found that family and peer relations, but not social transition status, predicted psychological functioning.14 In other words, providing young people with love and social support need not be equated with endorsing the GAC model.”

Archbishop Sample via Archbishop Sample YouTube

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This ideology is indeed wrong and it should be rejected. As for the idea that someone would want to lobotomize someone for calling out this evil ideology, unfortunately, this is probably just the tip of the iceberg and much worse is likely on the way.

But while much worse is likely on the way, it will likely more clearly delineate the chaff from the wheat, and give people the opportunity to truly show that they stand for good.

Starfield (2023), Bethesda Softworks

What do you make of Hasan Piker insinuating he wants Az from HeelvsBabyface and those like him lobotomized?

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