A source, backed up by newly released behind-the-scenes footage, dropped a bomb confirming what most of us already knew: The Flash’s visual effects were not complete and the film’s director Andy Muschietti was covering it up (or trying anyway). He stated in interviews the VFX were supposed to look the way they did to reflect Barry’s perspective when he is at full speed.

Ezra Miller as Barry Allen aka The Flash in The Flash (2023), DC Films

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The Hollywood source reached out to Cosmic Book News and said that is “total BS” from the director. The truth is the VFX teams were not given enough time to finish their work, and that’s why the final cut of The Flash looks horribly slipshod. Making matters worse, the problem extends beyond the Chronobowl and its celebrity cameos.

“They didn’t give the CGI team enough time to complete the scenes. It’s why even scenes outside of the ‘speed force’ are trash, like Ben’s cape and moments with the Flash on Keaton’s plane & during the Zod final battle,” said the source who spoke to the VFX artists.

Dark Flash behind the scenes compared to how the character was depicted in The Flash via Warner Bros. Entertainment YouTube

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Moreover, they aren’t pulling this claim out of thin air. Warner Bros. unintentionally released proof in the form of footage that shows what Dark Flash, and the rest of the cast, look like without CGI.

ScreenRant’s Andy Behbakht also took notice and had some questions. First among them is why the Dark Flash suit wasn’t better in the movie.

Their coverage points out what is crystal clear to discerning eyes: “…it turns out Dark Flash’s practical suit is a lot better in person when not surrounded by VFX.” They add, “…it raises a lot of questions about why it ended up looking as bad as it did in The Flash.”

That’s an easy one to answer as Cosmic Book News does; “…because the VFX went unfinished.”

Dark Flash fights The Flash in The Flash Behind The Scenes footage via Warner Bros. Entertainment YouTube

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Keep in mind, no one is saying the FX team didn’t get a modicum of work done. They, at least, managed to enhance Ezra Miller’s backside in shots of the Flash costume.

A Twitter/X user noticed and posted a comparison of a pre-rendered image with a still from the film. “They actually did CGI Ezra Miller’s ass in The Flash,” he wrote.

So if you felt like the visuals in The Flash, over and above the cameos and the falling babies, were jank, it’s not just you.

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