Another DC hero could be getting the Gotham Knights or Suicide Squad treatment in the sense someone at the James Gunn-led studio is more interested in the villainous supporting characters than the main one. According to a new rumor, a replacement Flash TV series focusing on his robust roster of Rogues might be developed for streaming audiences.

Flash (Ezra Miller) realizes he has to save a nursery ward's worth of infants in The Flash (2023), Warner Bros. Pictures

Flash (Ezra Miller) realizes he has to save a nursery ward’s worth of infants in The Flash (2023), Warner Bros. Pictures

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A post on the Reddit forum r/DCEULeaks claims a Max series about, and possibly titled, “The Rogues” is coming although not right away. “We can exclusively report that a project centered on the Rogues is in development,” the post claims. “It’ll be a crime/heist series” that will take place in the DCU when it’s all up and running.

That means we shouldn’t expect it to happen during “Gods and Monsters, Chapter 1.” The post continues, “This will most likely be in Chapter 2.” Gunn would then have adequate time to cast some of the Central City Rogues with the exception of Captain Boomerang who is already played by Jai Courtney — not to mention deceased.

Captain Boomerang via Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (2023), Rocksteady Games

Captain Boomerang (Daniel Lapaine) in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (2023), Rocksteady Games

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The Aussie was killed off in The Suicide Squad although Gunn could always retcon that or explain how Boomer survived if he turns up. Aside from him, The Flash’s most noteworthy foes are Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, Trickster, Grodd, and Reverse-Flash. Those last two are in a league of their own but they’ve still rubbed elbows with street-level criminals.

We didn’t see any hint of them in The Flash movie and have no idea what the plans are for them in the DCU. On that note, we have no clue what the future of The Scarlet Speedster himself will look like in this new era. His multiversal semi-solo outing turning into the complete disaster we predicted may have soured Warner Bros.

The Flash Movie Vs Flashpoint – Director Andy Muschietti & Producer Barbara Muschietti Interview via, YouTube

The character’s potential is in doubt, but they still see something in director Andy Muschietti, who is moving on to The Brave and The Bold. Ezra Miller might not be so lucky and may go the way of the Speedster by staying out of sight for a while. But it’s Hollywood — you just never know.

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