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Reeve takes flight
Christopher Reeve takes to the skies in Superman II (1980), Warner Bros. Pictures
May 9, 2024
David Corenswet’s first image as Superman got a cheerful, hopeful makeover that fans on social media are fawning over justifiably.
all 5tar superman legacy
The Man of Steel (James Denton) looks directly into the sun in All-Star Superman (2011), Warner Bros. Animation
May 6, 2024
The look of David Corenswet as Superman in the upcoming film and in the DCU has been revealed, and he brings back a few Legacy features.
Screenshot 2024-Batgirl-1st trailer
AI deepfake of Jenna Ortega in Batgirl - First Trailer - Jenna Ortega, Margot Robbie via KH Studios YouTube
April 24, 2024
An AI deepfake and clever editing in a fan trailer envisions Jenna Ortega as Batgirl in the place of Leslie Grace.
Still Superman
Side by side of David Corenswet in Pearl and Henry Cavill actually as Superman in Justice League via Warner Bros. and A24
April 17, 2024
David Corenswet has big boots to fill, and comparisons to Henry Cavill he just can’t shake, as he takes on the role of Superman.
Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) wants a part of this in Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019), Marvel Studios
March 29, 2024
Jake Gyllenhaal would be honored to play the classic role of Batman which he lost to Christian Bale 20 years ago.
Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) learns that The Riddler (Paul Dano) has uploaded a new video in The Batman (2022), Warner Bros. Pictures
March 13, 2024
The Batman – Part 2 is delayed, like the first one was many times over, giving Matt Reeves time to work on that script that stays unseen.
Reeve as Clark Kent 1
Clark Kent reports for duty at The Daily Planet in Superman (1978), Warner Bros. Pictures
February 28, 2024
James Gunn race swaps a character from the Richard Donner film in Superman: Legacy, but it’s not who you might suspect at first.