Eric July And Vox Day Respond To Attempts To Cancel Chuck Dixon

Caravan of the Damned (2023), Castalia House

Rippaverse Comics founder Eric July and Arkhaven Comics publisher Vox Day recently shared their responses to the attempts to cancel legendary comic book writer Chuck Dixon.

Alphacore #1 (2023), Rippaverse Comics

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Dixon was accused of anti-Semitism by YouTuber Dane of Actual Fandom. Not only did the YouTuber accuse Dixon of anti-Semitism, but he actively attempted to have Dixon canceled by encouraging his followers to contact Amazon in an attempt to have them stop selling Arkhaven Comics books, specifically Dixon’s Alt-Hero: Q series.

He posted on Twitter an image stating, “Chuck Dixon, who again is writing at least one issue of a comic book specifically advertised by its creator Eric July as appropriate for kids, features his QAnon comic on Amazon’s Kindle platform, which you can read yourself for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. Alternatively, you could contact Amazon to ask if they’re aware that they’re selling a QAnon-promoting comic with no age restrictions, just as they sell Vox Day’s comics and merch. To all ages.”

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July responded to this cancellation call on YouTube, “Here’s what’s going to happen and you’re going to have to get over it. Yes, we have people that the mainstream has deemed, I don’t know, abhorrent. Because maybe they have a view or two, namely it’s likely they support politicians or don’t support the politicians that they think they should.”

He added, “Here’s what’s going to happen and what you’re going to have to get over. As far as this company is concerned, Chuck Dixon is about to be part of a campaign that is going to make hundreds of thousands of dollars perhaps millions. And guess what? He gets a bonus in the event that it does. You’re gonna get his pockets lined up and there’s nothing that you can do about it.”

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July continued, “They say some people want to go their employers. They want to get them to put off a certain platform. That doesn’t happen over here. And you can’t do s**t about it. And you want to know why? Because what are you going to do? ‘Well, we don’t want the Rippaverse to publish that.’ Who you going to go to? ‘Well, go to the publisher.’ I am the publisher! ‘Oh! Well, well, maybe we go to his distributors.’ Look at me. I am the distributor now. There’s nothing you can do. Nothing. And they’re going to have to get over it.”

He then reiterated, “There are people that have been very creative and because they said something you don’t like you’ve deemed that they shouldn’t be a part of like the f***ing comic book industry? Who are these people? They are losers. And this is why social justice activism is the f***ing tool and occupation of losers. Because it unfortunately has been able to amplify people that are not only unreasonable, but it gives them some sense of importance that they have never got in their entire lives ever.”

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Day responded to the cancellation attempts on his website.  Day wrote, “Let me get this straight. Because The Legend wrote a comic about an evil elite that engages in child sex trafficking, he is antisemitic.

“Now, isn’t that an open and public admission that a certain group of people are engaged in child sex trafficking and Satanic sacrifice? Especially given the fact that the comic doesn’t mention or imply anything about Satanic sacrifice,” he continued.

Day concluded, “Anyhow, this is just an attempt to get Chuck kicked off Eric July’s projects, which isn’t going to happen. What’s amusing about this is that if Dane is worked up about AH:Q, he’s going to stroke out on the spot if he ever reads The Legend’s Levon Cade novels…”

The Siege of the Black Citadel (2023), Castalia House

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He then shared a gif indicating he had no intention of ending his working relationship with Dixon:

Vox Day responds to attempts to cancel Chuck Dixon

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To that point, Day shared with Bounding Into Comics the cover to Dixon’s upcoming Conan novel, Caravan of the Damned.

Caravan of the Damned (2023), Castalia House

Caravan of the Damned sees Conan leading a large band of merciless bandits across the bone-dry wastelands of the Zuagir, where he doesn’t hesitate to attack even the most well-guarded caravans. In fact, Conan relishes the challenge surmising that the greater the risk usually means the greater reward.

However, some treasures might be too dangerous to keep a lesson Conan quickly realizes after his bandits ambush a royal Turanian caravan to the court of Hadranor.

Not only will the book see Conan leading his bandits on raids through the wastelands of the Zuagir, but hidden in the sands of the deepest desert are horrors too dreadful for even the most fearless barbarian to imagine.

Caravan of the Damned (TBA), Castalia House

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Dixon, who is no stranger to writing Conan having penned numerous stories for Marvel Comics in comic book form in Savage Sword of Conan, shared with Bounding Into Comics what readers can expect from the second novel, “Caravan of the Damned is set in the time when Conan was a desert reiver. I wanted the challenge of writing a story that was an extended chase. It’s unlike anything I ever wrote for Savage Sword.”

Dixon elaborated, “The fun for me is restricting myself to to the vocabulary and writing form that Howard used. I don’t want any jarring stylistic anachronisms to take the reader out of the story. If I’ve succeeded here, the story should read like it would have been perfectly at home in an issue of Weird Tales.”

Caravan of the Damned (TBA), Castalia House

The paperback and ebook for Caravan of the Damned is expected to go on sale later this month in September. A hardcover for Caravan of the Damned is expected to go on sale in October.

Caravan of the Damned (TBA), Castalia House

What do you make of Eric July and Vox Day’s response to these attempts to cancel Chuck Dixon?

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