YouTuber Appears To Defame Chuck Dixon As An Anti-Semite In Lead Up To Rippaverse’s ‘Alphacore’ Release

Alphacore #1 (2023), Rippaverse Comics

Dane, a YouTuber who runs the channel ActualFandom, recently appeared to defame Chuck Dixon as an anti-Semite as the Rippaverse is about to release Dixon’s upcoming Alphacore book.

Alphacore members Bryan Solari, Ingrid Valdez, and Jeramya Braxwell in Isom #1 (2022) Rippaverse Comics

On X, the YouTuber wrote, “If you’re someone who values the wellbeing of comics communities I implore you to read. Rippaverse Comics will soon publish a comic by a former industry pro, creator of Bane & Time Drake – Chuck Dixon. It gets disturbing from there.”

Actual Fandom on X

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In the tweet, Dane takes issue with Chuck Dixon’s creation of the comic series Alt Hero Q for Vox Day’s Arkhaven Comics. In an image he shared as part of his tweet he writes, “He’s also worked with a publisher called Arkhaven, on a comic called ALT-HERO:Q. As in QANON. The first arc is titled ‘WHERE WE GO ONE’, which refers to the Q conspiracist mantra of ‘WHERE WE GO ONE, WE GO ALL’, often shortened on social media as ‘WWG1WGA’.

He then goes on to provide summaries of the first couple of issues of the book. From there he states, “For those unfamiliar with the IRL QAnon, it is a belief that a vast conspiracy of Hollywood elite and every politician who isn’t explicitly pro-Trump, is engaged in acts involving children ranging from an updated take on anti-Semitic ‘blood libel’ narratives, to pedophilia and Satanic sacrifice.”

Alt-Hero: Q #1

Alt-Hero: Q #1 (2018), Arkhaven Comics

In a subsequent tweet, he also writes, “QAnon absolutely promotes bigotry against Jewish people, being an updated version of the anti-Semitic “blood libel” as well as LGBTQ people. It’s also directly influenced several acts of domestic terrorism, including the Jan 6 insurrection. This violates Kindle’s policies.”

Actual Fandom on X

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In a video upload going into further details he asserts, “Q is anti-Semitic in nature just by virtue of being an updated version of the JQ and it is bigoted against LGBTQ people. I made this graphic and I also wrote a thing (he points to the above tweet) that I’m explaining to you now and apparently this is cancellation, I guess. But it’s not really.”

However, not only does he appear to be defaming Dixon, but he does indeed try to cancel him as he shared in one of the images on Twitter, “Chuck Dixon, who again is writing at least one issue of a comic book specifically advertised by its creator Eric July as appropriate for kids, features his QAnon comic on Amazon’s Kindle platform, which you can read yourself for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. Alternatively, you could contact Amazon to ask if they’re aware that they’re selling a QAnon-promoting comic with no age restrictions, just as they sell Vox Day’s comics and merch. To all ages.”

Actual Fandom on X

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This is obviously an attempt to encourage his readers and viewers to contact Amazon and demand they stop selling Dixon’s works thus cancelling him.

Alt-Hero: Q is available to read in full for free on You can find the entire series here:

The official description states, “When federal agent Roland Dane is sent to Peru to escort a U.S. Cabinet member, he has no reason to believe his assignment is connected in any way to his Treasury team’s recent bust of a ring of amateur counterfeiters. But when the Secretary of State and his entourage is unexpectedly attacked and the subsequent news reports of the attack bear no resemblance to the events he witnessed, Dane is forced to confront the shocking discovery that nothing in his world is quite what it appears to be. Alt★Hero: Q is an incendiary comic series that explores the mysterious phenomenon of QAnon.”

Alt-Hero: Q Episode #64 “Not Moscow” (2023), Arkhaven Comics

Alphacore #1 is expected to release from Rippaverse sometime this fall. In an update on the company’s website in August Andrew Rodriguez stated, “Alphacore #1 is finalizing lettering and pre-press since that releases this fall.”

Dixon previously detailed the book “starsa team of superhero cops who patrol the skies and the streets of Forest Park in search of super creeps, wierdos, and villains. Boy, do they find them.”

“It’s full of action,” Dixon continued. “It’s kind of a police procedural meets a superhero epic.”

Bryan Solari takes on a criminal in an Alphacore #1 splash page by Joe Bennett (2023), Rippaverse Comics

What do you make of Actual Fandom’s attempt to cancel Chuck Dixon in the lead up to the release of Alphacore #1?

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