Former DC Comics Publisher Dan DiDio Explains Why Woke Ideology Is Rampant In Comics

Dan DiDio via Millar Time YouTube

Former DC Comics Publisher Dan DiDio recently shared his thoughts on why he believes that woke ideology is rampant within the comic book industry specifically at DC and Marvel Comics.

Dan DiDio discusses DC Comics via Diamond Comic Distributors YouTube

Speaking with Bounding Into Comics contributor Jon Del Arroz on his YouTube channel DiDio broached the subject while promoting his series Ancient Enemies series.

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DiDio stated, “I used to use an expression that I put in [Ancient Enemies]. I used to say corporations don’t have values. Corporations have profits. So, you know, the only time they have values is they think it’s going to add to their profits.”

“So when people start to talk about what a company stands for, a company stands for money. That’s all they ever do. If you ever think anything more than that you’re misguided. They present themselves differently,” he elaborated.

Specifically referring to the story of Ancient Enemies, he said, “What I like to do is pull back that veneer just to make that when we see the people inside the company while they’re talking quietly amongst themselves they understand exactly what their purpose is even if everybody else is seeing them for something else.”

Ancient Enemies #1 (2023), Frank Miller Presents LLC

Del Arroz would follow up on DiDio’s comments asking him, “Well, there’s a lot of hubaloo about that and there’s so much political culture war crap going on in comics now too with finger pointing and all. Do you attribute most of that on the corporate level than to incompetence when stuff starts to slide in that direction. Like it’s not intentional? Or it’s just a few people really loud and they get the attention?”

DiDio responded, “I think it’s a few people loud and a lot of people chasing something they don’t know. The one thing that you find out in the corporate world very quickly is most of the people that work and produce things don’t know anything about what they produce. They are not consumers of their own product. So where do they get their information on how their product is succeeding or failing?”

Dan DiDio on DC Comics Future Plans via Collider Interviews, YouTube

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“They go online, now. They are pulling information from these websites and conversations,” he answered his own rhetorical question. “So what you have now is you have them picking up the most dichotomous points of view and ultimately aligning with then which one they want to believe the most. And then using that sense to basically validate the choices they are making inside the product whether it needs it or not.”

He concluded, “You asked how things are made. That’s how things are made. And usually about 20 people in the room making that agreement by the way.”

Ancient Enemies: First Responder #1 (2023), Frank Miller Presents LLC

Later during a question and answer portion where viewers sent in SuperChats, DiDio was asked, “Dan, do you think there’s a chance that our beloved characters like Batman/Superman will be saved from the SJW’s who have taken over?”

He briefly answered, “Look at the cycle of the characters. Look at the world. Where have we been over the years? Look at how many times the characters have changed and moved on.”

Batman allows looters and rioters to destroy Gotham in Batman: Fortress #1 (2022), DC

What do you make of DiDio’s explanation for why woke ideology is rampant at DC and Marvel? Do you agree with his assertion?

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