Akira Toriyama Announces ‘Dragon Ball DAIMA’ Anime Series That Sees The Famous Characters Turned Into Child Versions

Goku and Vegeta in Dragon Ball Daima (2024), Toei

Toei Animation and Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama announced a brand new Dragon Ball series at New York Comic Con titled Dragon Ball Daima.

Goku greets Korin in Dragon Ball Daima (2024), Toei

As reported by X user Shonen Games, Toriyama shared a message with convention attendees informing what Dragon Ball Daima will be about.

He said, “‘DAIMA’ is a made-up term, which in Japanese characters would be … or in English would be something like ‘Evil.'”

From there he provided some details about the series, “Due to a conspiracy, Goku and his friends are turned small. In order to fix things, they’ll head off to a new world! It’s a grand adventure with intense action in an unknown and mysterious world.”

Akira Toriyama’s message to Dragon Ball fans announcing Dragon Ball Daima via ShonenGameZ on X

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Toriyama continued, “Since Goku has to make up for his petite size, he uses his Nyoibo (Power Pole) to fight, something not seen in a long time. I came up with the story and settings, as well as a lot of the designs. I’m actually putting a lot more into this than usual!”

He then concluded, “Things will unfold that close in on the mysteries of the Dragon Ball world. Hope you all enjoy these different-from-usual battles that are cute and powerful!!”

Akira Toriyama’s message to Dragon Ball fans announcing Dragon Ball Daima via ShonenGameZ on X

Alongside the series’ announcement and Toriyama’s message Toei also released an official trailer and revealed the series is expected to debut sometime in Fall 2024.

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More information about Dragon Ball DAIMA is expected to be revealed during Battle Hour in January 2024 according to Dragon Ball X user SupaChronicles.

SupaChronicles on X

What do you make of Dragon Ball DAIMA?

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