Billy Corgan Forced To Clear The Air After PPV Segment Simulating Cocaine Jeopardizes TV Deal Between The CW And Corgan-Owned NWA Wrestling

Billy Corgan On NWA Competing With WWE & AEW, Tyrus As World Champion, Smashing Pumpkins via Chris Van Vliet, YouTube

We all can be forgiven for breathing a sigh of relief at the idea The CW’s drama is behind it now that Nexstar Media owns the place. The growing communications giant is doing everything to keep costs down and did away with the albatross of the diminishing returns of DC’s Arrowverse. However, sailing isn’t smoothing out yet.

Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) gives John Diggle (David Ramsey) a chance to join him in Arrow Season 1 Episode 4 “An Innocent Man” (2012), The CW

Nexstar is still making the omelet, so there are eggs to crack and yolks continue spilling everywhere, including on some faces. In another case of biting off a little more than they can chew, their CW was negotiating a deal with rock star-turned-wrestling promoter Billy Corgan to air the flagship programming of the Corgan’s National Wrestling Alliance — plus a reality series.

The NWA is one of the most historic pro wrestling organizations in the world, especially in North America. This new deal would have put them back on national TV for the first time in over 30 years. Since its revival in 2017, shows like Powerrr and NWA USA have been broadcast free on YouTube, Facebook Live, and Fite TV.

Billy Reveals A NEW Belt! Max Battles TWO Women At Once! Ricky Morton In Action! | NWA USA S4E8 via NWA, YouTube

This lifetime opportunity was thrown into jeopardy when acts at the October pay-per-view Samhain got the wrong kind of publicity on the Internet. In a segment taking place on the entrance stage, manager James Mitchell — a veteran of ECW and TNA — dabbled in a powdery substance surrounded by a harem of women. The powder wasn’t real drugs, but the implication was clear.

Corgan was reportedly told CW executives would not concern themselves with PPVs, which are uncensored in the first place. However, they got wind of the incident and aren’t happy according to insiders and most reports. These reports add CW is urging for a compromise that would relegate the NWA to the network’s streaming app, and off the airwaves.

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No stranger to clickbait or courting controversy, Corgan disputed the reportage on Wrestling Observer Radio ( via 411mania reports). It was said he has a TV deal which cannot be divulged fully yet. “TV deals are at the core of it, and there has been a ton of speculation lately, and I stand by what I said,” Corgan added during an interview with Drew Garbo Live, as transcribed by Fightful.

“We have two TV deals with a top 20 network. That’s all I can say for now. There is lots of speculation that’s not true, but I can stand here and say, hand on heart, that is absolutely true,” he continued. Noticeably absent from Corgan’s remarks are the letters “CW.” This is telling given the controversy.

Has The Sinister Minister Gone Too Far? | NWA Powerrr S7E2 via NWA, YouTube

But, there might be another reason The CW is verboten now that has to do with a bigger fish in sports entertainment. A deal between CW and WWE to become the new home for the latter’s NXT brand was announced out of nowhere this week. Set to take effect next year, the deal ushers WWE’s return to the channel.

Smackdown aired on The CW at its inception — an acquisition from the merging of The WB and UPN — but the head of CBS Les Moonves opted not to renew the show in 2008. A show for future stars and younger audiences, NXT is lower on the totem pole than SD though it pulls in over a million viewers consistently.

EC3 Will Defends His Title In Sarasota Against… via NWA, YouTube

Take into consideration as well the high production value of NXT compared to smaller promotions, and it is a compelling gain for a flailing network starving for content on the cheap. Whether Billy Corgan has secured a deal with The CW or is just in talks with them, he and the NWA certainly look like they lost leverage.

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