Comic Book Readers Reject ‘Alan Scott: Green Lantern’ Book By Tim Sheridan

Main cover of Alan Scott: Green Lantern #1 by David Talaski, DC Comics

Comic book readers chose not to purchase the Alan Scott: Green Lantern comic book by writer Tim Sheridan despite the author having begged his followers to purchase the book in order to spite Comicsgate.

Alan Scott: The Green Lantern #1 Cover Art by Nick Robles (2023), DC

In the middle of October, Sheridan took to X to beg his followers to purchase the book saying, “I’m here to ask you a favor. The book comes out next DC Tuesday, October 24th, but already the haters and the queerphobes are out in force, doing everything they can to see that this book tanks. They use code and make it sound like they have legit problems with a book they haven’t read yet. But the truth is they just don’t like that there is a queer hero in the upper ranks of the DCU.”

“The only way we can shut these people down is to make this book an undeniable success,” he continued. “The only way to prove to the big publishers that there’s a huge market for authentic stories about LGBTQIA+ characters and these stories are for everyone is to buy the heck out of books like this.”

Sheridan went on, “This one’s only six issues and each one has a few variants. So I’m asking if you have the means buy them up. Buy extras. Give to people you think really need to read it.”

He then claimed that he would not pocket any additional profits from an assumed increase in sales from his pitch, “And you might say this sounds like a great way for Tim Sheridan to make a bundle in royalties. Well, no. I won’t make a penny because every single royalty I receive from these six issues will go straight to a charity that is very important to me and that I’ve support for a long time: The Elton John Aids Foundation, which works to prevent HIV stigma and  provide compassionate care for all communities.”

Alan Scott-Green Lantern-1
Main cover of Alan Scott: Green Lantern #1 by David Talaski, DC Comics

“I am asking you to join the Corps,” he begged. “If you care about truth and justice, about shining a light in the darkness, if you think comics are and should continue to be for everyone, or if you just want to force these ComicsGate trolls back under the bridge they crawled out from, please support our book.”

“And send a message that the bullying and the lies and the hate have to stop,” he said. “Everyone deserves to see themselves in comics. Everyone needs allies. And if you’re an ally, now is the time to step up. We outnumber them. So let’s pool our power, vote with our wallets, and beat these a**holes.”

“Add as many of these four variant covers for Alan Scott: The Green Lantern to your pull list today. Pick them up in store next week, Tuesday the 24th. Thank you so much,” he concluded.

Alan Scott: Green Lantern #1 (2023), DC

As Sheridan noted the book released on October 24th and according to ICv2’s ComicHub system the book failed to break into the top 50 most sold comic books by units list. It also failed to break into the top 50 most sold comic books by dollars list.

The ComicHub System for the month of October tracked sales from over 125 stores and it is a non random sample of over 3,000 stores selling American comics worldwide. To reiterate, the book did not chart at all.

Alan Scott: Green Lantern #1 (2023), DC

Rival comic book creator Jon Del Arroz and Bounding Into Comics contributor Jon Del Arroz commented on the book not showing up on the ComicHub System list saying, “It’s not in the top 50. So if it’s not in the top 50 of books that means the sales of it are absolutely atrocious. People were not picking this up.”

He added, “It’s not selling. It’s just not there. So this is a huge, huge destructive loss for DC Comics once again as they’re trying to push this agenda everywhere they go, yet nobody wants it.”

Not only did the book fail to chart on the ComicHub system, but the book is ranked 25,763 in the Kindle Store and #170 for Superhero Comics & Graphic Novels.

Clearly, comic book readers were not interested in the sodomy-filled Alan Scott: Green Lantern #1.

Alan Scott: The Green Lantern #1 Cover Art by John K Snyder III (2023), DC

What do you make of comic book readers rejecting Tim Sheridan’s Alan Scott: Green Lantern #1?

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