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Teela (Melissa Benoit) unleashes her Sorceress form in Masters of the Universe: Revolution. Cr. COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2023
February 2, 2024
‘Master of the Universe: Revolution’ writer Tim Sheridan has revived the idea that fans unhappy with ‘Revelation’ are little more than trolls.
November 8, 2023
Comic book readers chose not to purchase the sodomy-filled Alan Scott: Green Lantern comic book by writer Tim Sheridan despite Sheridan begging his followers to purchase the book to spite Comicsgate.
October 19, 2023
DC Comics writer Tim Sheridan recently begged his followers to purchase copies of the upcoming Alan Scott: The Green Lantern series in order to own ComicsGate members.
October 12, 2023
The JSA are puppets of the FBI, and loner Alan Scott (the original Green Lantern who is now gay) is pressured into joining in new series.
January 2, 2022
Teen Titans has an Academy of students in new series. One, Stitch, is an outspoken nonbinary being who abhors killing and misgendering.
June 24, 2021
Batman: Long Halloween dual feature screenwriter Tim Sheridan tells fan why certain changes were made to the story when penning the script.