Shueisha Announces Long-Awaited ‘Dandadan’ Anime Adaptation

Momo Ayase takes a fall on Yukinobu Tatsu's color spread to Dandadan Ch. 3 "It's A Granny Vs. Granny Clash!" (2021), Shueisha
Momo Ayase takes a fall on Yukinobu Tatsu's color spread to Dandadan Ch. 3 "It's A Granny Vs. Granny Clash!" (2021), Shueisha

Ahead of next month’s annual Jump Festa, Shueisha has officially announced that Yukinobu Tatsu’s sci-fi romantic comedy manga Dandadan will finally be receiving an anime adaptation.

Momo Ayase runs from Seropians in Dandadan (2024), Science SARU

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Shueisha unveiled the anime adaptation for the beloved Shonen Jump+ manga with a key visual and teaser trailer on the Dandadan anime’s official website.

Penned by the aforementioned Tatsu, the series follows the supernatural adventures of psychic Momo Ayase and her Occult-enthusiast classmate Ken “Okarun” Takakura.

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As seen in the trailer, the story begins when, after rescuing him from bullies, Momo and Okarun end up in a fierce debate over the existence of aliens and spirits, the former enthusiastically believing they do and the latter disregarding the entire possibility.

With neither backing down, Momo and Okarun decide to settle their squabble with a bet, with the loser agreeing to become the winner’s personal servant.

Seropian in Dandadan (2024), Science SARU

In order to prove the supernatural’s existence, Momo is makes for the alleged “Holy Land of UFOs” Nagi Hospital, whereupon her arrival she finds herself abducted by the Seropians, a race of horny aliens who are seeking human reproductive organs in order to advance their male-only species.

Meanwhile, Okarun goes to a haunted tunnel where its inhabitant ghost, known as Turbo Granny, will curse anyone who loses a race to her – including Okarun, who fails to even keep pace.

Turbo Granny in Dandadan (2024), Science SARU

Eventually, the now-cursed Okarun manages to teleport into the Seropian’s ship, which results in the aliens’ being overstimulated and their latent energies awakening Momo’s own dormant psychokinetic powers.

Using her newly acquired powers, the duo manages to escape the Seropian’s ship.

However, their troubles don’t end there. as after escaping from the aliens’ grasp, the two realize that they now must face a more cursed debacle: Despite using her newly awakened powers to remove Turbo Granny from Okarun, her curse remains – and the spirit has taken Okarun’s family jewels as collateral.

Momo kicks Seropian in Dandadan (2024), Science SARU

Produced by Science SARU and helmed by rookie director Fuuga Yamashiro, the anime’s script will be penned by Hiroshi Seko (Attack on Titan: The Final Season, Jujutsu Kaisen and Vinland Saga) and features the character designs of Naoyuki Onda (Gantz and Psycho Pass) and the alien and spirit designs of Yoshimichi Kameda (Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Mob Psycho 100).

Dandadan KV (2024), Science SARU.

As of writing, the series voice cast is unknown.

However, the manga’s editor, Shihei Lin, confirmed via Twitter that their identities will be unveiled during Dandadan‘s upcoming December 16th appearance during the annual Jump Festa preview event.

Further, Dandadan anime is scheduled to premiere in 2024.

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