‘Kingdom’ Anime Declassifies Season 5 War Plans, Unveils Official Premiere Date

Shin (Masakazu Morita) leads the newly christened Hi-Shin unit into battle in Kingdom Season 3 Epiode 25 "The Difference Between Dances" (2021), Studio Pierrot
Shin (Masakazu Morita) leads the newly christened Hi-Shin unit into battle in Kingdom Season 3 Epiode 25 "The Difference Between Dances" (2021), Studio Pierrot

The war drums are beating once again, as coming hot off the heels of the franchise’s third live-action film Flames of Destiny slaying of the Japanese box office, Shueisha and Studio Signpost have officially unveiled their war plans for the fifth season of Kingdom’s anime adaptation.


The Hi Shin Unit in Kingdom Season 5 KV2 (2024), Studio Signpost

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An adaptation of Yasuhisa Hara’s historical manga, Kingdom chronicles the quest of Shin (CV: Masakazu Morita – Tidus in Final Fantasy X), a young man living during China’s Warring States Era who wishes to establish himself as one of the Qin state’s General of the Heavens.

Beginning life as a lowly slave, through little more than his own sheer determination and willingness to learn, Shin slowly begins to rise through the ranks of the Qin Emperor’s army – though the further he gets, the more he realizes that such prestige does not come without its own set of trials and tribulations.

Shin strikes down Gaku'Ei in Kingdom Ch. 560 "Shin's Space" (2018), Shueisha. Words and art by Yasuhisa Hara.

Shin strikes down Gaku’Ei in Kingdom Ch. 560 “Shin’s Space” (2018), Shueisha. Words and art by Yasuhisa Hara.

Covering the highly-anticipated Kokuyou Campaign Arc, the fifth season of Kingdom’s anime adaptation will see Shin and the men under his charge dispatched to Kokuyou Hill, a heavily-forested region composed of five hills located within the territory of Qin’s enemy, Zhao.

Though usually considered strategically irrelevant to all of China’s armies, the current war has resulted in the area becoming a highly-coveted staging ground for the Qin’s plans to take Zhao.

As such, a tired Shin and his fellow Qin soldiers find themselves set against the Zhao’s defensive forces – and though this fight seems slightly one-sided against the Qin, the deployment of their General Kanki (CV: Kentaro Ito – Renji Abarai in Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War) luckily produces more than a few beneficiary battlefield surprises.

hi shin unit 2

The Hi Shin Unit takes down enemy forces in Kingdom Season 3 Episode 22 “With All We Have” (2021), Studio Signpost

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And thankfully for those with a thirst for glory, the fight for Kokuyou Hill is set to kick off sooner rather than later.

Releasing a new teaser visual for the upcoming season – itself featuring a shot of General Kanki standing alongside his right-hand advisor Maron (CV: Motoki Sakuma – Cyca in Edens Zero), trusted muscle Raido (CV: Kenji Nomura – Void in Undead Unluck), and master archer and tactical genius Koku’ou (CV: Haruka Nagamine – Tiana in Endo and Kobayashi Live! The Latest on Tsundere Villainess Lieselotte) – Studio Signpost revealed that Kingdom’s fifth season will officially march forth on January 6, 2024.

kanki generals

General Kanki (Kentaro Ito),Maron (Motoki Sakuma), Raido (Kenji Nomura), and Koku’ou (Haruka Nagamine) in Kingdom Season 5 KV3 (2024), Studio Signpost

First premiering at 12 AM JST on NHK General in Japan, Kingdom‘s fifth season will also receive same day simulcasts from Crunchyroll.

Meanwhile, those looking to catch up on Shin’s past exploits can catch the first four seasons of the Kingdom anime on Crunchyroll or the first two-live-action film adaptations – which both come highly recommended – on Netflix.

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