Wrestling Legend Hulk Hogan Gets Baptized And Declares Total Surrender To Jesus

Hostamania - Web Hosting powered by Hulk Hogan - "Wrecking Ball" Promo
Hostamania - Web Hosting powered by Hulk Hogan - "Wrecking Ball" Promo

Hulk Hogan, who turned 70 in the past year, is no stranger to controversy – especially over the last decade or more – but he is trying to start 2024 in a positive way. 

Hulk Hogan's shocking performance in Mr. Nanny
Hulk Hogan’s shocking performance in Mr. Nanny (1993), New Line Cinema

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The legendary superstar known for changing the face of wrestling in the 80s and again in the 90s was recently baptized and declared his surrender to the Lord.

He also called the day of this baptism the greatest of his life. “Total surrender and dedication to Jesus is the greatest day of my life. No worries, no hate, no judgment… only love!” he wrote in a social media post.

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Hogan’s update on Twitter/X also contains a short video of the ceremony, which his family participated in as well.

Over the years, the WWE Hall of Famer has spoken candidly about his faith, going as far as saying he’s accepted Jesus as Savior since he was 14.

Hulk Hogan Easter post
Hulk Hogan (@HulkHogan) on X

Last Easter, he posted, “I accepted Christ as my savior at 14yrs [sic] old, and the training, prayers and vitamins kept me in the game but now that I am one with God,the main event theme of surrender,service and love makes me the Real Main Event that can slam any giant of any size through the power of my Lord and Savior and so it is,even now brother,AMEN!”

Per Breitbart, he said in a 2021 interview, “Once you’re a Christian, you’ve accepted Christ as your Savior. You’re not gonna perish but you’re gonna have everlasting life. That belief is pretty much the only thing that is real to me.”

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Celebrities from Kat Von D to Shia LeBeouf have publicly undergone and documented their faith journeys. Hulk Hogan is the latest even though he has returned to the spiritual PR well time and again.

He has also had a complicated, winding walk to Jesus. All while he has been professing faith repeatedly, he has been in the news for appearing in a sex tape with a former best friend’s wife, and for taking Gawker to court over the release of said tape.

Hulk Hogan is Shep Ramsey in Suburban Commando (1991), New Line Cinema
Hulk Hogan is Shep Ramsey in Suburban Commando (1991), New Line Cinema

In the same footage, Hogan was also caught using the N-word in a faux pas he did damage control for. Despite doing some penance, some fans still haven’t forgiven him, and heat followed his return to WWE in 2021 when he co-hosted WrestleMania.

Aside from these scandals, he mentioned a few questionable books that were part of his awakening. In his most recent biography, My Life Outside the Ring, Hogan talked about the Bible but also lauded the books The Secret and The Power of Now.

Hulk Hogan in No Holds Barred (1989), New Line Cinema
Hulk Hogan in No Holds Barred (1989), New Line Cinema

Though books like The Secret have a devoted following thanks to their promotion by Oprah, their advocacy of the “Law of Attractionis criticized for a tendency toward self-absorption, and superstition, and for promoting a modern-day occult form of Gnosticism.

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