Troubled Former WWE Wrestler Billy Jack Haynes Charged With Murdering His Wife

Billy Jack Haynes-1980s
Billy Jack Haynes on "Two at Four" - September 1985 | KATU In The Archives

The hits just keep coming. The field is no stranger to tragedy but one more has suddenly rocked the wrestling world in the last few weeks, which have been rocky enough already. Retired, elderly, and controversial in his own right, performer Billy Jack Haynes is charged with murder.

Screenshot - Billy Jack in WWF
Billy Jack Haynes vs King Kong Bundy: Supertars Feb 28th, 1987, WWE 24/7

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According to the Portland, Oregon, Police and the area’s Fox affiliate, Haynes is the prime suspect in the murder of his wife, Janette Becraft. The police arrested him after responding to a call in early February about a shooting at the couple’s home.

Officers entered the residence after they could conclude the suspect thought to be Haynes was inside. There, they found the body of 85-year-old Becraft whom medical examiners determined died of a gunshot wound attributed to a firearm belonging to Haynes.

Billy Jack Haynes on the "Boys on the Tracks" Deaths
Billy Jack Haynes on the “Boys on the Tracks” Deaths via The Hannibal TV, YouTube

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70-year-old Haynes was transported to a hospital following a standoff with cops and treated for chronic health problems pre-dating the incident. He was soon discharged and booked at Multnomah County Detention Center for second-degree murder and unlawful use of a weapon.

What exactly led to the whole ordeal is unknown, but it’s reported that Becraft suffered from dementia and was taken care of by a neighbor when Haynes was in and out of the hospital because of his poor health.

Sarge and Billy Jack
Billy Jack Haynes and Sgt. Slaughter on “Two at Four” – September 1985 via KATU In The Archives, KATU News YouTube Channel

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Haynes was trained by wrestling icon Stu Hart. A definitive patriarch in the industry, Hart is the father of Bret “The Hitman” Hart and Owen Hart and grandfather of WWE star Nattie “Natalya” Neidhart.

Haynes debuted in Hart’s Stampede Wrestling promotion in Calgary but made his name elsewhere. His first major run was in Portland, home to one of the major wrestling territories, as they were known, in North America before Vince McMahon and WWE bought out and dominated everything.

Jack vs. Hannibal
Devon Hannibal interviews Billy Jack Haynes for The Hannibal TV, YouTube

Haynes made his way to them in the mid-80s for sparse runs that got him a spot at WrestleMania III and feuds with the likes of “Macho Man” Randy Savage at the height of his popularity.

Post-retirement, Haynes was one name involved in the infamous class action concussion lawsuit seeking damages from WWE for years of undiagnosed brain trauma wrestlers suffered in the ring. The case was dismissed multiple times by the US District Court of Connecticut, The Court of Appeals, and The Supreme Court.

He was also unafraid to share wild conspiracy theories about the Benoit family and Vince McMahon whenever he granted an interview.

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