Fan Alters Image Of David Corenswet As Superman And Honestly Makes It Look Better

Reeve takes flight
Christopher Reeve takes to the skies in Superman II (1980), Warner Bros. Pictures

The first image of newly crowned Superman David Corenswet hit the web this week to an arguably mixed reaction, but let’s face facts – the reaction has been pretty negative. Even those who don’t mind Corenswet taking over have issues with the costume and the contrast.

Cornfed Superman Unleashed
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Regardless of what you may think, never fear, fan art is here to save the day as one fan on social media is trending for changes he made to the official Corenswet/Superman photo. 

And honestly, he did a fantastic job. Not only is the costume vastly improved, but he also made the mise-en-scene better.

On X, @GothamChief posted his take on “Superman in the sun” which still shows Corenswet in the exact same pose and costume. However, the room is well-lit taking in the sunshine and Metropolis is not under attack.

O that's better
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Instead, the skyline is bright, clear, and rather peaceful with The Daily Planet visible in the background. It looks reminiscent of Superman: The Animated Series and an Alex Ross illustration rolled into one.

It’s also notable how much cleaner and less beat-up the Kingdom Come-inspired House of El logo looks. Other fans are taking notice of the shinier, more hopeful glow of the edit, and they’re praising it for giving us the lighter tone that was promised.

Screenshot 2024-05-08 11.25.45 PM
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“High key what they should’ve released instead of what they did,” replied @NotGetHiggy.

“Now this should’ve been the tone. Bright and colorful,” wrote @AlexNever347.

Screenshot 2024-05-08 11.25.45 PM
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“This is what the image should’ve been tbh,” said @PainfulGamer.

“Ya this makes it much better looking,” affirmed @Bat_Manakov.

Screenshot 2024-05-08 11.25.45 PM
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Gunn and Warner Bros. are trying to move on from Zack Snyder, but it doesn’t look to fans or their harshest critics that they’ve put too much distance between each other. They haven’t shaken off the muted tones or cynical expressions.

If @GothamChief’s alterations prove anything, it’s this: with or without Corenswet, fans know what they want. 

Screenshot 2024-05-08 11.25.45 PM
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When you say you’ll give them bright and cheerful, that conjures up a particular image (case in point, at the very top), and they will tell you what it should look like – believe that.

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