‘Shoot ‘Em Up’ Director Michael Davis Working On Animated Sci-Fi Sequel Called ‘Blast ‘Em Up’

Each yo vegetables
Clive Owen eats his vegetables in Shoot 'Em Up (2007), New Line Cinema

You know what I hate? Some films dwindle into obscurity with only a modest following to their name, and the last thing anyone would expect in these instances is for one to get a sequel.

Tit for tat mr hero
Paul Giamatti tells Clive Owen a nursery rhyme in Shoot ‘Em Up (2007), New Line Cinema

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Well, hell is getting a bit colder because one cult film is potentially bucking this trend through good old DIY means. The 2007 splatter-fest Shoot ‘Em Up has a follow-up in the works from the same director that deviates as far from that film as it can. Moreover, he is trying to do it as economically as possible without studio restraints.

Michael Davis, known also for co-writing the Double Dragon movie, is doing it all (or most of it) himself. As he told YouTube reviewer Brandon Tenold, the filmmaker is learning new software to bring his vision to life through computer animation. Everything in the film – from ships to aliens to blasters – is designed by Davis.

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Calling his project Blast ‘Em Up, Davis aims to go higher than he has before to the vastness of space for a little bit of plunder and gunplay with lasers. What he describes as an “animated sci-fi action movie” is the story of a gang of thieves undertaking a daring heist in a futuristic world where they encounter aliens bent on human extinction.  

A film of that caliber typically has a hefty price tag, but no studio Davis showed the script to was compelled to finance it, so he is crowdfunding it himself. All he asks for right now is the frugal amount of $80,000 to fund the things he can’t do alone – such as pay actors.

Ready aim
Clive Owen takes aim in Shoot ‘Em Up (2007), New Line Cinema

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Davis isn’t taking the money and running. He plans to give back and guide young animators through his process and show them step by step how they can make animated adventures without Hollywood’s help. All this, while completing Blast ‘Em Up.

Besides Tenold, a handful of YouTubers are joining to back the film including Midnight’s Edge, Film Threat, and Robert Meyer-Burnett. Voice actor Steve Blum also plugged the project on Instagram with a peek at the concept trailer.

You can find the Kickstarter page to support Davis and his efforts, and also learn more about it all, here. Or you can cruise to the film’s official site here.

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