Blumhouse Sets Sights On ‘My Bloody Valentine’ For Next Reboot

Love Tom
There is love for genre veteran Tom Atkins in My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009), Lionsgate

It happened once. Then it happened twice, and it looks like it will be thrice rather soon. Blumhouse seeks to resurrect another dormant horror franchise – one that could take them deeper underground than their team has gone before.

Take Your Pick
Miner menace in My Bloody Valentine (1981), Paramount Pictures

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The company that brought us David Gordon Green’s Halloween trilogy and a craptacular Exorcist sequel is going into the old abandoned mine to find Harry Warden. That’s right, My Bloody Valentine is next on their list, so put on a breathing apparatus and grab a pickaxe. This might get ugly.

According to a Bloody Disgusting exclusive, they are developing a new movie of some kind. The report does not say if it is a remake or another legacy sequel as no one knows yet. All that can be said affirmatively is that development is in very early stages. 

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As such, it’s possible this project could fall apart before it gets going (which might be a comforting thought to those who don’t want this IP touched at all). Therefore, it is best not to get ahead of ourselves. 

The original My Bloody Valentine was Canada’s contribution to the subgenre of slashers themed around a special day of the year. Preceded immediately by John Carpenter’s Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Bob Clark’s Black Christmas, it was also one of the first to capitalize on the craze.

Be my valentine
Helene Udy is about to get a shower in My Bloody Valentine (1981), Paramount Pictures

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Released in 1981, it starred late character actor Don Francks (the voice of Sabretooth in X-Men pre-97 and father of actress Cree Summer) as a smalltown sheriff investigating copycat killings that echo the crimes of a miner who went mad – the aforementioned Warden.

As far back as the 80s, the film has held a strong and devoted following. Their fervor never allowed for the flick to stay buried, and it would inspire a remake in 2009 starring Jensen Ackles. Despite his popularity begotten by Supernatural and a tease, there was no sequel.

Stop the party
Don Francks gets the message in My Bloody Valentine (1981), Paramount Pictures

The 2000s entry disappointed at the box office and was knocked by fans for its 3D gimmick and less flashy rehashes of scenes and ideas from the original which was directed by George Mihalka and written by Stephen Miller and John Beaird.

Beyond credits for their contributions, neither of the three was involved with the remake and might not be part of Blumhouse’s revival either. Time will tell if they get any Valentines next year from Blum – or after.

Dark down here
Harry Warden (Chris Carnel) is back for revenge in My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009), Lionsgate

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