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Josh writes the kind of content that could potentially end up triggering that certain, self-proclaimed "tolerant" demographic. Still figuring out how to write a proper bio, though.

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Alec Baldwin: Men treat women differently. That needs to change. via PBS NewsHour, YouTube
June 6, 2024
Completely devoid of tact and self-awareness, Alec Baldwin announces new reality show, The Baldwins, ahead of his manslaughter trial.
In conversation with Richard Dreyfuss via CBS Sunday Morning, YouTube
May 29, 2024
Richard Dreyfuss upsets the easily offended mob after making comments about transgenders, the LGBTQ community, #MeToo, and Barbara Streisand.
Alec Baldwin on Joe Orton via Uni of Leicester, YouTube
May 27, 2024
A New Mexico judge has denied Alec Baldwin’s motion to dismiss the involuntary manslaughter charge for his fatal shooting on the set of Rust.
Kendall (Jeremy Strong) wakes up after a rough night in Succession Season 1 Episode 10 "Nobody Is Ever Missing" (2018), HBO
May 22, 2024
The Apprentice actor Jeremy Strong stands besides mainstream media as he compares Donald Trump to Stalin, Mao, and Goebbels.
Alec Baldwin as Father Hector McGrath in Pixie (2021), Paramount Pictures
May 15, 2024
Brandon Lee’s The Crow movie producer Jeff Most has sided with Alec Baldwin, declaring that it is “beyond belief” that […]
Logan (Brian Cox) calls his son Kendall (Jeremy Strong) to talk about the accident in Succession Season 1 Episode 10 "Nobody Is Ever Missing" (2018), HBO
May 3, 2024
Succession star Brian Cox has slammed the Bible, calling it “a mythology” and labelling Christians as “stupid” for believing in its teachings.
Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) holds Dobby's (Toby Jones) lifeless body in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I (2010), Warner Bros. Pictures
May 2, 2024
Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe says that J.K. Rowling’s comments against transgender ideology make him “really sad.”
Jerry Seinfeld in Jerry Before Seinfeld (2017), Netflix
April 29, 2024
Jerry Seinfeld puts the blame on political correctness and “the extreme Left” for the steep decline of comedy.
Harvey Weinstein: 'I'm still the underdog' via CNN, YouTube
April 26, 2024
Harvey Weinstein’s conviction overturned after it is found judge allowed prosecutors to call women unrelated to the trial to testify.
J.K. Rowling Talks Harry Potter and More | TODAY via TODAY, YouTube
April 25, 2024
BBC Scotland apologizes for J.K. Rowling report claiming “derogatory comments” were considered a criminal offence under new hate law.