Who Is The Most Popular Superhero?

Credit: IMDB

The most popular superhero used to be driven by comic book fans, more so than movie-goers. However, since Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe, that has flipped. With the release of the latest Spider-Man movie, which has broken movie records, the question “who is the most popular superhero?” comes up a lot.

While this can feel like a personal, subjective topic for many superfans, it can also be backed up by data. Game actually conducted a poll on this topic showing the most popular superheroes from the Marvel and DC universes. So, from comic books to the big screen, these are the most popular superheroes and we have data to prove it.

5. Superman, 5.1%


4. Iron Man, 8.5%


3. Batman, 9.2%

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2. Wonder Woman, 12.8%


1. Spider-Man, 48.7% of votes

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