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most expensive comics
Credit: Erik Mclean
June 2, 2024
Some may still think of comic books as kids stuff, but the most expensive comics in the world prove they…
Source: Action Comics #1044
March 24, 2022
Tom Taylor is proud to share the DC Pride variant cover to Action Comics #1044 that shows parental approval of…
Source: Superman Son of Kal-El, DC Comics
April 22, 2021
There's a new Superman in town, or there will be as of July, as Jonathan Kent is taking over in…
Source: Reign of the Supermen (2019)
March 21, 2021
Screen Rant tells us the way Suicide Squad recruiting Superboy handles DC Comics continuity is part of what's wrong in…
March 21, 2019
eBay will exclusively host a rare collection of CGC graded Action Comics dubbed as the "Court Copies" from seller SparkleCityComics.
January 24, 2019
Brian Michael Bendis recently took over two of DC Comics’ flagship comic series in Superman and Action Comics. Not only
January 2, 2019
Comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis took to his now annual tradition of teasing 10 things that he has in…
Action Comics Special #1 Cover - DC Comics
Action Comics Special #1 Cover - DC Comics
May 2, 2018
“Instead of embracing the Super…He embraces the Man.” While very few people have been looking, Superman has been having a