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Indiana 'Frosk' Black weighs in on Crackdown series via Xplay, YouTube
January 24, 2023
Former G4 host Frosk announces leaving "the industry," noting that issues could have been prevented if her peers "all stood…
Source: G4, Xplay
October 17, 2022
After less than a year, Comcast has officially pulled the plug on their attempt to revive G4 due to low…
Source: G4TV YouTube
February 2, 2022
G4 TV host Adam Sessler went off on a Twitter user who told him to “live in a cardboard box.”
Source: G4, Xplay
January 13, 2022
G4’s Xplay host Indiana Black claims to have received criticism and push back because she's “not as bangable as the…
Source: G4 YouTube
January 12, 2022
G4 Host Adam Sessler, who hosts the YouTube channel's reinvented Xplay series, recently claimed "Republicans are stupid, racist, and drink…