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Magneto unleashes the full magnitude of his powers in Magneto and the Magnetic Men Vol. 1 #1 "Opposites Attract" (1996), Marvel Comics, DC. Words by Gerard Jones, art by Jeff Matsuda, Art Thibert, and Kevin Tinsley.
February 24, 2024
While Marvel and DC’s ‘Amalgam Comics’ line will soon be making its return to shelves, it will do so without Gerard Jones’ contributions.
Super Soldier storms the battlefield in Super Soldier Vol. 1 #1 "Secret of the K-Bombs!" (1996), DC/Marvel Comics. Words by Mark Waid and Dave Gibbons, art by Dave Gibbons and Angus McKie.
February 13, 2024
It seems Marvel and DC’s various comic book crossovers will finally be getting reprints – most notably ‘Amalgam Comics’ and ‘JLA/Avengers’.