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February 21, 2017
“You will make me regret I did not take your head the first time we met, Highlander.” Highlander and Connor
November 30, 2016
There can be only one! Highlander will expand its brand with a new comic book miniseries next year from Scottish
June 29, 2016
Detective Katie Burnham continues her investigation into a multiple homicide , whose perpetrator has also killed her partner, in Control
June 8, 2016
Dark Horse’s saga continues where it left off in Predator: Life and Death #4. There is a new threat to
May 12, 2016
Dark Horse Comics continues to delve into the Alien and Predator universes with the upcoming series Prometheus: Life and Death
Rebels #2 Brian Wood Andrea Mutti Jordie Bellaire Dark Horse Comics
May 13, 2015
Seth Abbot’s war has begun as he takes on his first mission against the Red Coats in the company of
March 18, 2015
A young New Hampshire boy comes of age during the Revolutionary War. Is it good? This is the premise of