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The Horror Show by James Maddox
October 9, 2015
After stopping by and chatting with Broken Icon Comics Eric Watkins, we ran into the other co-founder James Maddox and chatted with him about his book The Horror Show and why he doesn’t go back and look at old material.
Order of the Seers
October 8, 2015
While much of Baltimore Comic-Con was focused around comics and graphic novels, there are a couple of booths dedicated to novels. One such booth was Cerece Rennie Murphy’s and we got a chance to talk to her about her Order of the Seers trilogy as well as her early reader children’s book Ellis and The Magic Mirror.
Zachariah Thorn
October 2, 2015
While weaving our way through the numerous aisles in Baltimore, the Indigo Comics booth caught our eye and we stopped by to chat with Robert Reichert about Indigo Comics and some of their upcoming and current titles they are working on specifically Zachariah Thorn. We also discussed their innovative business model that focuses solely on digital comics.
Marc Adona
October 2, 2015
One of our first stops on Friday was at creator-extraordinaire Marc Adona’s booth where we talked about his Wandering Vagrants series and how he got the idea from a 24 hour comic session. If you don’t know what that is don’t worry neither did we, and Marc was happy to explain it to us!
Broken Icon Comics
October 1, 2015
Broken Icon was founded in 2009. Our goal was to bring comics to the market that have edge. No cookie cutter, same thing that everybody else is doing. We aim to do something different and give creators that most other publishers wouldn’t give an opportunity to, to put out their stories.
Mother Russia
September 30, 2015
Thanks to some advice from the Alterna Comics Facebook team, we were able to track down Jeff McComsey, the creator […]
Andre Campbell
September 29, 2015
We got to speak to lots of people at the Baltimore Comic-Con and one of them was Andre Campbell, Baltimore native and President and CEO of Heritage Comics HSQ. We talked with Andre about his custom helmets and the latest comics he is working on.
Book of Death The Fall of Ninjak #1 Baltimore Comic-Con 2015 Variant
September 11, 2015
The most nominated publisher of the 2015 Harvey Awards will be going all out as they head to the Baltimore Comic-Con beginning on Friday, September 25th and running through Sunday, September 27th. They will be bringing their cross-country 25th anniversary convention tour to the Baltimore Comic-Con 2015.