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Source: Battlefield 2042 (2021), EA DICE
June 14, 2022
EA has denied rumors that Battlefield 2042 has been abandoned to a "skeleton crew" in order to allow DICE to…
Source: Battlefield 2042 (2021), EA DICE
February 21, 2022
EA has claimed that some of the disappointment surrounding Battlefield 2042 was the result of comparisons to Halo Infinite's multiplayer.
Source: Battlefield 2042 (2021), EA DICE
February 3, 2022
EA has admitted to investors that Battlefield 2042 "did not meet expectations" and its sales were "disappointing."
Source: Battlefield 2042 (2021), EA DICE
January 27, 2022
A known EA leaker has claimed EA are considering making Battlefield 2042's Portal mode free-to-play amid poor sales.
Source: Battlefield 2042, EA Dice
January 22, 2022
Steam appears to be offering refunds beyond its normal limits for Battlefield 2042 due to the game's extreme number of…
Source: Battlefield 2042 (2021), EA Dice
October 26, 2021
According to the game’s community managers, Battlefield 2042 is set to introduce the franchise’s first non-binary specialist.
Source: Battlefield 2042 Official Website
June 11, 2021
A Battlefield 2042 dev has claimed that the game's themes of climate change and refugee crises are featured solely for…