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Source: Battlefield 2042 (2021), Electronic Arts
October 12, 2022
EA's CEO says Call of Duty Xbox-exclusivity after Microsoft/Activision Blizzard acquisition "is a tremendous opportunity" for Battlefield.
December 4, 2018
At a launch party for Battlefield V, EA Dice took an opportunity to take a swipe at and mock players…
October 29, 2018
A new job listing for EA/DICE indicates they want to study toxic behavior for their ongoing Battlefield series of games…
Battlefield V
Source: Battlefield V
September 18, 2018
After EA/DICE's open beta finished for Battlefield V, the game developer listed a number of areas that still need work…
June 14, 2018
After negative fan reaction to the latest trailer for Battlefield V, EA and DICE tell fans not to buy the…