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July 27, 2017
Tank Girl will return for four new stand-alone adventures beginning with The Wonderful World of Tank Girl by Alan Martin…
March 11, 2017
With a few bars of gold left, and Sub Girl’s uneasy feeling that she left something behind, Tank Girl hires
September 23, 2016
Picking up where the critically acclaimed hit series Two Girls One Tank left off – Tank Girl has lost one
June 24, 2016
Titan’s extremely excited to announce that following the hit Tank Girl: Two Girls One Tank series, Tank Girl is returning in September with the gold
June 10, 2016
Perhaps it’s too much booze that’s got our swill-swigging hero seeing double, or maybe there really is a doppelganger on
Cover B by Brett Parson
May 11, 2016
Fresh off the back of their latest calamitous chapter comes this shiny new Tank Girl tale from series creator, Alan
Cover B by Brett Parson
March 1, 2016
Get your first look at Titan Comics new Tank Girl series from writer Alan Martin and artist Brett Parson with
New Romancer #2 Cover
January 11, 2016
No sooner had incorrigible romantic and brilliant coder Lexy Ryan been united with her long-dead dream lover—poet Lord Byron—then she
21st Century Tank Girl Vol. 1 Cover
November 16, 2015
After a break of 20 years, artist extraordinaire Jamie Hewlett (GORILLAZ) is leaping back on the Tank Girl wagon, re-teaming…