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Rachel Brosnahan and David Corenswet
June 27, 2023
Superman: Legacy director James Gunn announced that David Corenswet will play Superman and Rachel Brosnahan will play Lois Lane in…
Source: Smallville, The WB
June 30, 2021
In a Cameo video, Tom Welling reveals he and Michael Rosenbaum are working on a Smallville animated spinoff.
Source: Superman & Lois, The CW
May 25, 2021
Todd Helbing answers what he tried to keep consistent about Superman and Lois which may be why the show is…
November 20, 2020
Recently dismissed Superman & Lois writer Nadria Tucker has revealed how she advocated for raceswapping Jonathan and Martha Kent.
Tom Welling No to Flash Rumors
September 28, 2020
Tom Welling is not playing an alternate Superman, after all, in The Flash and, focused on his new series, doesn't…
May 8, 2020
First-look imagery shows us what new DC animated feature Superman: Man of Tomorrow has in store when it hits digital…
DC Comics - Superman and Booster Gold
February 15, 2018
Action Comics #997 depicts the viciously brutal killing of some of Superman's closest allies and friends. Are they dead? Or…