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July 17, 2020
Artist Dave Dorman, best known for his Star Wars artwork, has recently been sharing recreations of Frank Frazetta’s classic pieces
June 14, 2019
Today's Indie Comic of the Day is Douglas Ernst, Timothy Lim, and Brett R. Smith's Soulfinder: Demon's Match. It is…
May 28, 2019
Today's cover of the day is Dave Dorman's Xena: Warrior Princess #1 Another Universe Exclusive. The book was written by…
Blood Graphic Novel
February 19, 2019
I got to chat with Brett R. Smith him about his upcoming graphic novel Blood: The Graphic Novel which will…
Jed Alexander
July 18, 2018
Children’s book creator Jed Alexander, who wrote and drew (Mostly) Wordless and Red went after a number of comic book
Trump's Space Force
July 12, 2018
Writer Chuck Dixon, artist Timothy Lim, colorist Brett Smith, and consultant Mark Pellegrini just launched their IndieGoGo for Trump's Space…
Trump's Space Force
June 18, 2018
Timothy Lim, the creator of Thump, Magademia, and Black Hops will be teaming up with Chuck Dixon, Dave Dorman, and…
May 12, 2016
Dark Horse Comics continues to delve into the Alien and Predator universes with the upcoming series Prometheus: Life and Death