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Flash and Kid Flash fist bumbp
Barry (Grant Gustin) and Wally (Keiynon Lonsdale) meet in The Flash, The CW
January 20, 2023
The Flash's new season on The CW is its last and there will be a number of Arrowverse cameos closing…
Source: The Flash, The CW
January 14, 2022
David Ramsey returns to a recurring role in the Arrowverse when John Diggle trains the metahumans at Justice U.
Batman: Bad Blood (2016), Warner Bros. Animation
June 11, 2021
With Batwing ready to touch down on Batwoman, The CW has given viewers their first look at Camrus Johnson's Luke…
David Ramsey-Diggle in Arrow
David Ramsey and Katie Cassidy in Arrow, The CW
May 20, 2021
Despite heavy speculation, David Ramsey will not appear as a Green Lantern during his upcoming guest appearance on Legends of…
December 2, 2020
David Ramsey is set to return to The CW's Arrowverse as an episode director, Diggle and an unknown 'mystery' character!
April 24, 2020
David Ramsey posted a behind the scenes look at Arrow's finale and the greenlit mystery box to social media. Is…
February 18, 2020
Greg Berlanti might be adapting the 2007 Sinestro Corps War story for his HBO Max Green Lantern TV series with…
February 6, 2020
Mikey Sutton scoops another big crossover for CW & DC TV in the coming years: Geoff Johns' Green Lantern tale…
February 5, 2020
Artist SPDRMNKYXXIII recently shared his mock up of Arrow actor David Ramsey's John Diggle as Green Lantern. Take a look.
January 28, 2020
A spoiler tells of a box with a light and contents dictating John Diggle's future as Green Lantern of Earth…