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Death Vigil 7 Stjepan Sejic Image Comics
Bernie’s so-called follies are revealed as the Vigil recover from Wulf’s attack. Will the Vigil be able to find and rescue Bernadette before Maria’s plan is enacted? Is it good?
January 28, 2015
The machinations of Maria and the Necromancers take center stage as their plan to overwhelm Bernadette and the Vigil unfolds. […]
July 18, 2014
The Death Vigil is an “Ancient League of Immortal Protectors” whose job is to protect all life from Necromancers and their ghoulish friends who inhabit the Underplane. They are equipped with special weapons called veilrippers, which have some awesome powers. At one point Samuel Lewis, the Digger, uses his pickax veilripper to summon a Viking raiding ship. The summoning highlights writer Stjepan Sejic’s ability to weave comedy into an intense battle sequence when one of the Vikings exclaims the “Necromancer has a fine nose! I shall take it!”