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January 4, 2023
Actor Dave Bautista, who has played Drax the Destroyer in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies confirmed he will no longer be playing the role following the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.
Split image of Deadpool, Big Bertha and Drax the Destroyer
October 14, 2022
The Great Lakes Avengers has yet to officially debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but there are plenty of characters who deserve a shot.
July 7, 2021
Actor Dave Bautista recently advocated for Marvel and director James Gunn to adopt the classic Drax outfit for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.
September 3, 2019
Guardians of the Galaxy and Drax actor Dave Bautista took to Twitter to state that Marvel Studios doesn’t see the worth in Drax or himself.
Guardians of the Galaxy
May 30, 2018
At the end of Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos achieved his goal of completing the Infinity Gauntlet. He then snapped his fingers and erased half of life in the universe. Almost all of the Guardians of the Galaxy were dusted. However, Dave Bautista, who plays Drax, recently confirmed he will be back for Avengers 4 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.
May 2, 2018
Infinity Countdown #3  by writer Gerry Duggan, pencilers Aaron Kuder and Mike Hawthorne, inkers Aaron Kuder and Terry Pallot, and colorist Jordie Bellaire delivers some pretty epic and memorable moments including one where Drax controls the Power Stone.
April 4, 2018
Marvel Studios recently unveiled 12 Avengers: Infinity War character posters, and now they’ve released 10 more. There is still no Hawkeye in any of the posters, but there are some surprises in the promotion character of these next 10 including Wong and Mantis.