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Clive Rosfield (Yuma Uchida) demands answers regarding his Eikon background in Final Fantasy XVI (2023), Square Enix
September 14, 2023
Bloomberg and IGN have both attempted to blame Square Enix’s recent financial struggles solely on the shoulders of ‘Final Fantasy XVI’.
March 6, 2023
Square Enix announces subsidiary Luminous Productions will be merged, after Forspoken launched earlier this year to a middling reception.
David Scott Jaffe triples down on his accusations against critics of 'Forspoken' in Why Is Forespoken Getting So Much Hate?!?+Perfect Dark In Trouble...Again?!?+ MORE! via YouTube / Freya (Ella Balinska) finds herself trapped between a pack of wolves and one of the Tantas in Forspoken (2023), Square Enix
January 24, 2023
Original ‘God of War’ director David Scott Jaffe refuses to believe that the wide dislike of ‘Forspoken’ is based on anything but bigotry.