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Gamera is Brave
February 1, 2023
Another teaser and more images, including of the dreaded new Gaos, of anime Gamera: Rebirth was released by Netflix.
November 21, 2022
Gamera’s next stage in the Reiwa period begins with a “Rebirth” on Netflix in an unknown format, possibly a new feature.
February 2, 2022
The least likely party, Toho, gave the failed and maligned Sony Godzilla an unofficial sequel in the form of a Millennium installment.
September 7, 2021
A Japanese VFX artist has shared an epic clip from his upcoming proof of concept for a potential showdown between Godzilla and Gamera.
January 19, 2021
The 2021 Bandai Movie Monster Series adds figures inspired by the Gamera Heisei reboot trilogy of the mid-1990s.
Gamera Box Set
October 27, 2020
Every Gamera movie ever made is getting released on Blu-ray for not just one, but four box sets, with three from Arrow Video.
September 23, 2020
We count down the top Titans we want to see in the next Godzilla – or Kong – movie should the MonsterVerse keep going.