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Carrie Kelley (Navia Ziraili Robinson) introduces herself to the group in Gotham Knights, CW
March 29, 2023
A second season of Gotham Knights, last of The CW’s new DC shows, is extremely unlikely based on the record low ratings.
Gotham Knights shock and awe
Gotham Knights cast via The CW Network YouTube
January 20, 2023
Robin, specifically Carrie Kelley created by Frank Miller, appears in costume in the new teaser trailer for The CW’s Gotham Knights.
Gotham Knights (2022), Warner Bros. Games Montréal / God of War Ragnarök (2022), Santa Monica Studio / Sonic Origins (2022), Sega
December 30, 2022
For all of 2022’s successes, let’s not forget the video games that tried to offer us a busted product in exchange for our hard-earned money.
Tyler Hoechlin takes flight in Superman & Lois, The CW
November 14, 2022
Superman & Lois looks as if it has an uncertain fate no matter how good the ratings are. DC and CW leadership will decide.
Gotham Knights
October 29, 2022
The reviews for Gotham Knights are out and the results have been less than stellar. Performance issues, lack of focus, and other issues persist
Source: Gotham Knights (2022), Warner Bros. Interactive
August 26, 2022
An executive producer and lead writer for Gotham Knights have explained why Batman’s absence was needed for the story they wanted to tell.
Source: Gotham Knights (2022), WB Games Montréal
August 26, 2022
The release date for Gotham Knights has been moved up, along with Harley Quinn and Clayface revealed to be in the game.